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Mahdi Al-Abbas
 / Dec 2008
I really like vBulletin versions .. famous product for Arab ..

Hope to continue with your great product and nice support team
Dalton Tringali
 / Dec 2008
Thank you vBulletin so much for your services! I just bought a forum, and I'm speechless! It was so simple to download the forums onto my server, because your directions were so clear, and understandable. I had my forum up and running in 45 relaxing minutes. Thank You!!!
 / Nov 2008
A dream come true. I have used free forums and nothing comes close to the features and adaptability of vBulletin. It has opened up a whole new dimension in membership satisfaction. All the successful forums use vBulletin. I recommend buying a license.

Mary Petersen
 / Nov 2008
vBulletin is the best forum software and it deserves the money I pay to buy it. The admin control panel and other things are easy to manage than other forum scripts. Thanks vBulletin Team for your kind piece of nice forum script.

Thank you
- Mary Petersen -
 / Nov 2008
I keep telling that other guy to get Vbulletin, is drum is a little bit broken with IPB but i expect that one day is drum will be ok...(If he makes the right choise and convert to Vbulletin)

Kudo Vbulletin, best forum software of all!
Connor Eaton
 / Nov 2008
Vbulletin is the greatest thing i ever brought! instand account set-up there are so many featurs + its a bargain for £55 a leased license. I strongly reccomend you all stop using free forums and get Vbulletin
Sam Brereton
 / Nov 2008
vBulletin is by far the best forum software i have ever used. I have tried IPB, PHPBB, SMF and many other forum software, but none of them have come close to matching vBulletin, it's easy to use and fresh interface, along with it's dedicated support team and modifications site (vBulletin.org) make it a winner across the board. I recommend vBulletin to anyone who needs a well priced, manageable forum solution, without forking out money for crappy software.

Keep up the good work Jelsoft!
Marcin Grabski
 / Oct 2008
Kerry-Anne Peters of vBulletin Support --- the support is extremely quick and extremely professional
 / Oct 2008
You are the best. You created the best forum in the world. Thank you for this :)
Kerry Phelan
 / Oct 2008
VBulletin is most user friendly forum software available. It has countless features and the support is second to none. I am happy with my purchases and will continue to back VBulletin all the way.
Bill Albrecht
 / Oct 2008
I would like to say THANK YOU.. for #1 creating such an incredible product,

I asked some of my users... how they compared it to other popular networking sites.... yep that's right...vbul forum vs fbook and mspace... heres what they said...

..........I can access this site from work, the others I can't!
..........i like you can see who is viewing you. also, there seems to be so much more to do on here than mspace, including more personal options.
...........I love this site, I too agree that it is more accessable from work than Mspace. You can chat with others here and the feeling is more intimate than that of mspace
..............This has so much more detail as far as the options...its pretty easy to use..
.............i agee with everyone-much easier to use than mspace-thats why i don't use them
.............i feel this site is absolutely unique & really cant be compared to mspace or any other social site because of the real life dances which are the heart of the forums! no other site offers you the opportunity every month to actually meet the people on your friends list. it is also unique because it is for bbws. the other bbw date sites dont really compare. mspace has never appealed to me because it always seemed like kidstuff. im a yhoo 360 veteran and i think the profiles here are very much like the profiles there, so i have been very comfortable using the site. also, this site does not have all the multitudes of glitches that 360 was plagued with. in short i think the site is wonderful and for all these reasons i feel it will be very very successful!!!
.............I've only been here for a couple of days now but really like the layout and the ease of use here. Thumbs up!

Thanks for standing behind it with great support. I am sure many know the feeling when something goes wrong on your forum... and you have no chance of fixing it yourself. It is nice to know you guys are there and can offer such quick support via email.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. .. Big hug for Kerry Anne!
Ben Griffiths
 / Oct 2008
A big thank you to Kerry who got my missing users back when I accidentally deleted them (*embarressed*) - support kicked in 4 minutes after I submitted my first ticket, very impressive and incredibly useful when you've just bodged your forum at peak time!

John Salko
 / Oct 2008

I just wanted to give a big thanks to the vbulletin team for the continued support and leadership they provide for forum internet software. Without the valuable team efforts and continued improvments the internet world would be just another post. Hats off the the entire group!!!


John Salko
José Angel Ribas Espiñe
 / Sep 2008

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks and Thanks.

My more sincere congratulations to all the equipment and the fantastic support online that they provide.

In the several years that I take using the product I have had a pair of incidences mainly at the time of doing update and because of my ignorance of English and the operation of the system.

Well, I must say that the support online has been exquisitely kind and fast as in few occasions usually happens in this computer science world.

Again my more sincere congratulations to the equipment of vBulletin. To follow thus.
Gracias.. Gracias.. Gracias y Gracias.

Mis más sinceras felicitaciones a todo el equipo y al fantástico soporte on-line que proporcionan.

En los varios años que llevo utilizando el producto he tenido un par de incidencias principalmente a la hora de hacer el update y por culpa de mi desconocimiento del ingles y el funcionamiento del sistema.

Bien, debo de decir que el soporte on-line ha sido exquisitamente atento y rápido como en pocas ocasiones suele suceder en este mundo informático.

Nuevamente mis más sinceras felicitaciones al equipo de vBulletin. Seguir así.
Jordan Day
 / Sep 2008
Vbulletin is fantastic software and a great investment. You receive great quick support. This is the best community software out there and worth the money.
Jennifer Prince
 / Sep 2008
I just wanted to say that vbulletin is amazing software. I have been using it for some time now at my site http://arguecrazy.com. And I will say when the site first started we were using free software, but after switching to Vbuletin it has made all the difference. It is very well coded and works swimingly.

We have had a couple bugs and support was really great and fixed the problems as quickly as possible. I give them 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. If you are looking for some forum software I strongly suggest you check it out.

It truly is the best I have ever used. So Thank You Vbulletin.com. I just wanted you to know I appreciate all you have done for me.
Mick Meaney
 / Sep 2008
VBulletin was probably the best investment I made in my web site, the software is fast, robust and easy to use -- and the technical support is second to none. Soon all my sites will be using VBulletin.
Matthew Hardiman
 / Sep 2008
Well, what can i say!?

vBulletin is definitely the better of the Forum software, although it's high in price...it is worth every penny, as it really is the latter.

Originally started a community on a phpBB forum, which was good but it lack certain neccesities, so i ended up buying my own domain and using SMF. SMF was very good i have to admit, but had some very annoying errors and security problems, and for a creativity community like my own i could not allow any gap for security errors...so i looked around for a top end forum thus ending up with vBulletin.

So i invested in vBulletin and bought a permanent copy of it, sure it hurt my pocket at first, but after a few months of use that soon paid off in the form of service and usability. And now it's just over a year later and i'm still using this! I have not experienced 1 problem with vbulletin, it's so open and easy to use...one of the main reasons it's better then most other forums is because of it's structure and superior coding.

For those who are thinking to buy, please do! You wont regret it!

William Pillar
 / Aug 2008
The support is excellent, it is rapid, helpful and very useful to newbies such as myself. Bravo vBulletin, bravo.
Isi Lawson
 / Aug 2008
I found support to be *very* responsive, near real time, knowledgeable, even when I argued to the contrary. In particular I want to say thanks to Kerry-Anne Peters for helping me out.

Thanks for a great product with a great team behind it.

-- Isi Lawson
ken Chiarella
 / Aug 2008
It is a rare occasion when I'm so happy with a purchase that I do this. This is one of those times.

I purchases Vbulletin and the Blog and installed them. I am receiving rave reviews from my customers and visitors. It is easy to install, create, build, modify and use. I love it.

If you need forum software this is the only way to go. I've tried everything and this is the only option that really was everything we and my community needed.

You can check it out here at http://www.wormman.com.

The service at Vbulletin is also outstanding. I haven't waited more than a couple minutes for a response on any questions that I've had.

You can't go wrong with Vbulletin.
Thanks for listening.
 / Aug 2008
I first set up my forum in 2004. I began looking for forum options. I started with runboard, then pro board, then php2, then smf, then mybb, then ipb1, then php3, then ipb 2.3. Each of my forums had something missing. Either it was a lack of mods, some kind of defect, lack of support, members did not like it, I did not like it, or it did not have that right touch. Then... I came here. I bought the software, called my friend for installation, logged in, and I was instantly at home.
I would NEVER go back to runboard, proboard, php, smf or mybb. Even though they are free, vbulletin gives you more for your money.
 / Aug 2008
vBulletin is by far the best community and forum solution, and ever since purchase has helped my board all the way. It's caused activity to raise by over 100 times the original level, members to pass 1000 from less than 100, and member loyalty to increase ten fold. The modifications are amazing, especially vB Credits, IBP Arcade and vBulletin Blog, being both easy to install and bringing great things to my community which I could not go without. Heck, for the first time ever, I've found a piece of forum software that allowed me to make my own modifications and release them at vBulletin.org with ease, and didn't require advanced PHP knowledge to add features which you have wanted. It's thanks to all that, and the general helpfulness of the support that I, even now will defend vBulletin from criticism, am a proud supporter of vBulletin and have even set up my own fanlisting for the software that has become the centre of my website.
Vicki Barber
 / Aug 2008
I just wanted to take the time to say that I really appreciate Floris going out of his way for me today. I am new to vBulletin and my webmaster is away and I changed an option and Floris has guided me all the way through my catastrophe. This man definitely is a true commitment for your company and dedicated to what he does. May all the best be with you and yours.

Vicki Barber
username haroldolanda
Elize Fouche
 / Jul 2008
I am is South-Africa and must admit that the backup that I get from the team at vBulletin is out of this world! They have assisted me with ALL my questions and problems - and all via email. I have NEVER come across a company that is this good with backup service. Help is only an email away - and help is usually done within the same day! Thanks - you are the best! Elize
Howard L. Funk
 / Jul 2008
Absolutely the most responsive and high-quality support team I have ever encountered since I entered the business 15 years ago.
 / Jul 2008
Easy installation for an excellent product. Vbulletin Installer makes everything so simple!
Nathan Wheatley
 / Jul 2008
I tried phpBB 3.0 for my website, thinking I'd be able to build without reactivating my vBulletin license. Wrong! vBulletin is still the best forum software available and stands head and shoulders above all others. The plugin system is great, as a problematic modification can be undone with a single click. There is a whole site dedicated to modifying the product, and support is fast.

The software is stable, professional and easy to use. If you want a website, you can use any of the free alternatives out there and get results. If you want a website that really shows you mean business, though, vBulletin is a must. Its use shows that the webmaster has the time, money and patience (not that vBulletin causes me to be impatient, it doesn't) to built a quality site with the best software available.
 / Jul 2008
Great software and reasonably priced with a fantastic development team. However, the highlight for me is the support team; helpful, knowledgable and efficient staff who seem happy to assist with even the simple questions you may have.

Well done to Jelsoft for creating vBulletin; the best choice for forum software hands down!
Josh kility
 / Jul 2008
Great forum software in the world , you may have to pay for it but you know once you bought it you have just bought the best server software there can be , your buying great stuff. Once you get it all set up their are plenty of great things to get you thinking "WoW!"
Adam Dresch
 / Jul 2008
Well I've used vBulletin for several years now (5+) and definately recommend it to anyone who's interested in using it.
You just can't beat the professional product and staff.
Support is top notch.
 / Jul 2008
What fantastic software XD

Having got lucky with a nice domain, I decided to put vBulletin into effect. The result? A professional and easy to use and access forum.

I'll keep you posted. The site isnt online yet because I just cant stop tweaking stuff :D
Daniel Lindberg
 / Jul 2008
Just a big thumbs up for technical support. Every time I've had a problem over the years the support has always been extremely fast and effective, and never stopped until the issue was resolved. Unmatched in my experience!
Gene Steinberg
 / Jul 2008
I'm a returning customer. In a fit of pique, I abandoned vBulletin in 2007 and went to MyBB. It seemed to offer many of the features you do, but I didn't have to buy anything. With vBulletin, I would have had to have extra licenses for other boards, and wanted a consistent look and feel.

Big mistake! The young MyBB team left serious bugs go unfixed, and the all-new 1.4 version is forever being delayed. Besides, the teenager who does their lead programming is impossible to deal with.

Anyway, I'm back in the fold. Two licenses with vBulletin now, and I'll get a third soon as the last forum gets enough traffic to justify moving that board from its existing structure.

I think you'll appreciate my story in more detail, as posted here:


Gene Steinberg
Charlie Martin
 / Jul 2008
I have used vBulletin in a gaming community I'm with and i love it. I'm actually saving up work wages to buy myself a copy.

Asked customer services quite a few questions (i thought i was being a pain) but they answered politely and courteously. Which that is something i VERY rarely see in a business

I would recommend vBulletin to ANYONE
 / Jun 2008
vBulletin is superb script, i love this software script.. buy only this original license and you will have support 24 hours. thanks vbulletin
Lewis White
 / Jun 2008
I love vBulletin, after using it once, you'll never want to go back to free software again. It has so much care and attention devoted to it when it is made, you can really feel the quality.

Thank you so much Jelsoft! You really improved my site.
Rob Griffin
 / Jun 2008
Four years and all kinds of time bandit scripts later, I finally try vB. I've not looked back in the last six months and no need to look elsewhere for I is a happy camper. Zero complaints

Cheers all, Rob.
Fahad Al Dosari
 / Jun 2008
I Have Used vBulletin for couple of month since i was using other forum script and ifound a great difference between them and i will say the vbulletin is the best one Cause
1 - easy to install / use [ even if you dont want to install vbulletin staff will install it for you !! ]
2 - Modify Theme Easily [ Only know Colour codes and ur ready to go ]
3- Modify Option very easy
4- Great Products / Plugins and most of them are free
5- Whenever they find a error need to be fix 24hrs and new patch is released
6- they support very fast and some times it took them sec's to reply you back !! and they have eta timer for past 30 ticket !!
7- Low Price Consider the qualitys
8- alot of payments method
9- Friendly Staff
10-Its Makes You Special :))

thats 10 points for using vBulletin :)
George W Laumeyer II
 / Jun 2008
I had an issue in the system that was difficult to diagnose, but I posted on the boards and got a rapid response from Steve Machol. After going through a series of steps for minor stuff, he linked me to a trouble ticket and asked me to fill one out. Within a couple of hours (at most), Kerry-Anne stepped right in, told me exactly what she needed to find the problem, logged on to my boards, and found it.

She then offered to fix it for me, or tell me what to do to fix it myself. I preferred she do it and she was very polite despite that it was extra work for her, and she popped right in and did it.

Along the way she foresaw another potential problem down the road (I had a deleted user listed as a super admin) and advised me about it, and even helped me fix that.

She was very patient, understanding, clear, concise, spoke in English to me, and solved everything. I am again, very pleased with the team you have here, and immensely happy that I chose this board to run.

Thank you very much!
 / Jun 2008
I'd like to thank the vBulletin support team in particular Kerry-Anne...

After 3 failed attempts to load vbulletin on my host, 2 by my host and 1 by myself i was pulling my hair out! i sent a request for help, the reply to which was prompt and well within an hour, however the instructions were over my head as i, basically haven't a clue!! so i decided to bite the bullet and get Jelsoft to install for me. thinking oh well its been a week another day or two won't hurt..

This was at around 11am today, by 1 o'clock i'd had an email from Kerry-Anne asking me a couple of questions, a prompt reply was received saying she was on the case and would be in touch when installation was complete, by around 2 - 2.30 an email came through saying it was sorted!!! many thanks!
Patrick Tiffany
 / Jun 2008
Whenever I deal with vBulletin customer service, I always think I've experienced the best they have to provide. That is... until the next rep comes along. :) That pretty much sums up my recent experiences with Steve Machol. If there is an award somewhere for World Class Customer Service Rep, can someone please see that it gets sent to Steve?

And please include a fully loaded Starbucks card in the box. LOL

Thanks, Steve - and vBulletin - for a great product... and even greater service and support.

Patrick Tiffany
Ant Smith
 / Jun 2008
I've used vBulletin since 2002 i think and in that time I've realized just how important vBulletin is to my site and i believe it always will be, it's the mark of excellence i go by when installing other softwares on my site. The support is reassuringly professional and fast to, vBulletin will remain the mainstay of my site for many years to come allowing me to open up the possibilities of my imagination and that of my users.
Patrick Tiffany
 / Jun 2008
Just had to post a public "brag" for Kerry-Anne Peters, vBulletin Support Technician. Her customer service excellence, responsiveness and attention to detail are exemplary. Way to go, Kerry-Anne - keep up the great work! :)

My requests for assistance from the vBulletin support team have always been expeditiously and courteously handled. Highly recommend vBulletin to others who are considering making the jump to a fully commercial product. You won't be disappointed.


Patrick Tiffany
Ryan R
 / Jun 2008
vBulletin is amazing! Their support team is always ready to respond professionally and quickly. The few times I've ever had problems, they were always there for me whenever.

It was so easy to integrate my already existing site into vBulletin. I now can't see going back to any other forum software!

Thanks vBulletin
Axle - MeetTheGeeks.org
 / May 2008
Ever wondered what happened to the old fashioned way of great product and even greater support?

Its alive and well at VBulletin!

The product itself is so easy to install, set up and with some basic common sense will just about take care of itself and all the hard work. But should you find yourself in some what of a quandary, the support ticket team is packed to the rafters with polite super fast Super Heroes like Kerry-Anne.

So dont think about buying any longer, get the product. Install it. Then if you need some help you may be lucky enough to get such a great agent, and tell her we sent you!

Trey Bowman
 / May 2008
I tried other free forums like; phpbb, smf, and I even purchased IPB, and nothing compares to the quality of Vbulletin! The support team is great, the programmers are always updating, So I believe that Vbulletin is the best bang for your buck!

Adrian Netto
 / May 2008
Great features and easy to use!
Ken Powell
 / May 2008
This has been the best support I've ever received on any product, and I want you all to know this! vBulletin Support is #1 and I look forward to a long and happy relationship with vBulletin!

Thank you vBulletin!

Ken Powell
Jamie Skinner
 / May 2008
After searching for countless forum software, including Invision Power Board, phpBB, SMF, Yabb and others, I have to admit that vBulletin is the best forum software out there. I had my forum set up in 15 minutes, tops! The installation is very simple (in a good way) and explains what you have to do very well. The Customer Service representatives are very responsible and know what they are talking about!

vBulletin will improve your sites community by a mile!
Jamie Skinner
Mr.Marawan El-Zaher
 / May 2008
I would like to thank Vbulletin.com support team for the hard works that they do, they are so helpful especially STEVE MACHOL, and i'll give u an advise :-


Best regards,
Marawan El-Zaher
Arthur Bates
 / Apr 2008
Kerry-Anne relieved much stress for me with (it wound up to be a simple oversight on my part) top notch customer service support. There is a reason I stay a dedicated VBulletin customer and my forum has been using it since 2004. Great support such as I experienced from Kerry-Anne this afternoon will keep me coming back year after year.
Bradley Wint
 / Apr 2008
I have been a member of many forums using vBulletin, was impressed with the system...bought it and was even more impressed. The whole structure of the program is very simple to use, modifying and integrating it into other applications has been a charm and the whole look and layout is much more appealing than others in my opinion. I have recommended it to all my friends and hope you also would purchase it.
Karlin Lillington
 / Apr 2008
I moved to vBulletin from one of the free boards after talking to a few sysadmins about the best choice for my medium sized board. I have modest technical ability -- eg enough to add others' hacks -- but not to code myself. My main issue was that I was being swamped with spam accounts that took up time to hand delete every day, and had used all the available anti-spam hacks and lacked the technical ability to do much more on my own.

The advice was to move to vBulletin -- that it had incredible control for the admin and lots of versatility. All I can say is: thank you, thank you... the BEST money I have spent on an application! I used elements already built in to vBulletin to practically halt all spam registrations -- I have probably had at most a dozen in 18 months, most of those being real people that are difficult to block. I used to have a dozen a day. So with vBulletin 95% of the tedium and TIME of maintaining my board literally vanished overnight and I could focus on more on the board itself. Behind the scenes admin tasks these days are minimal.

I also really appreciate how easy upgrades and updates are, and adding in mods written by others.

Though the board is complex, I found it easy to manage once I got used to the structure of the Admin CP and all the options (I am still finding new things I can do).

I highly recommend vBulletin to anyone wondering whether they need a professional board application. It's just made my admin life so much easier and is a pleasure to use.
Vinnie Matronia
 / Apr 2008
vBulletin may seem a bit pricey at first but once you get it it is so awesome. It is easy to use and there is a lot of themes and mods and easy to customize it should be your Bulletin. =P
Adrian Hawkins
 / Apr 2008
vBulletin forum,vBulletin Blog, a great community and superb support staff what more could anyone want?

I needed some support today and the response times and help given were perfect ,a big thank you to Kerry-Anne Peters.
Thor Inge Kjebekk Thue Ni
 / Apr 2008
Another big thanks to vBulletin and Mr. Bunce for all help and support for technical support .
Keith Birch
 / Apr 2008
I have done the rounds of all of the popular free-to-use bulletin boards and have even written my own once or twice (for integrated sites) but have always come back to vBulletin time after time. The continued success of the site I adminstrate is based purely on this excellently engineered code and I will remain a dedicated supporter.

vBulletin staff are always quick to respond to any queries be them big or small. A big pat on the back to everyone at Jelsoft :).

Keith Birch
Henki Halim
 / Apr 2008
Vbulletin Board is best bulletin board ever, easy to use, so many plugin intergrated and many more, good support, good updates, thanks vbulletin team.
Russell Whiskin
 / Apr 2008
vBulletin is one of the best products I've used on the web. Hugely great value for money and the support is top class. I would recommend vBulletin over any other forum.
Riçard Sadiku
 / Apr 2008
vBulletin is the best forum software you can get with or without paying!

It has excellent features and support...

Go now and buy your own vB board :)
Sharat Jaswal
 / Apr 2008
In my 5 years of business, i have never seen or experienced, any customer care/support providing services so quick and so effectively. vBulettin support is very efficient and as on now, the best i have seen!
Shaun Edwards
 / Apr 2008
I recommend vBulletin, it is my favourite forum, great support, lots of great features and the customizability is the best part. You can make it your own!
Anthony Reddy
 / Mar 2008
I would like to add my thanks to the Technical Support staff at Vbulletin, and in particular, Mr Jake Bunce. In setting up my forum, Jake showed great patience and expertise and dealt with all the questions I asked with great speed and effort. As a total novice, I would have been lost without the support of the staff there at vBulletin, their Professional Installation is I feel highly recommended and a worthwhile product. I can not speak highly enough of them and certainly recommend the product, the staff and the whole approach they have to providing forum websites.
Bill Norton
 / Mar 2008
While I'm experienced with HTML, I'm a php beginner. I downloaded the vBulletin manual and read it, then bought a license, followed the installation instructions precisely, and that was it. The installation was flawless and my forum was fully operational in minutes.

The manual also gave me precise instructions for how to modify styles, logos, and all the visual effects, customize buttons, etc. All these modifications were just as flawless as the board installation was!

The setup/customization that I thought would take a week, actually took two days.

vBulletin is an excellent product, well worth the price if you really want your forum to run. And the documentation is absolutely excellent!
Eileen Parzek
 / Mar 2008
I was working on Easter Sunday, trying to figure out a problem on my forum with a template customization. Kerry-Anne Peters at Vbulletin Support got back to me very quickly and after a couple rounds of email, provided me with a clue for troubleshooting - a template feature I wasn't aware of in Vbulletin and didn't see in the documentation, which let me narrow down where the problem was happening and fix the template. She was patient and very responsive, making my first experience with Vbulletin support a pleasant one.
Al Rowe
 / Mar 2008
Probably the best Support I've ever encountered from the Guys at VB. Nothing is a problem for them, - and any request for help are dealt with promptly..
Highly recommended.
Iain O'Brien
 / Mar 2008
Glad I changed from IPB to Vbulletin, must better service, help and features.
Muhammad Adil
 / Mar 2008
Hi, i have just moved from phpbb and i now think that why i did not buy this wonderful board the first day i thought of running a forum as its cost nothing and what you get in return worth thousands of dollar esp the support team of VB is very special, answer your quires within minutes and very cooperative to help you out. Plus great hacks on vbulltin.org and their support by VB team and also great community.

What i can say is this is my best experience the way VB provide support.

thanks VB support team and Jelsoft for making this software make available at such low price.

Best wishes.
Thor inge Kjebekk Thue -
 / Mar 2008
A really BIG THANKS to Mr. Jake Bunce for your great help with my forums problem.

I'm really glad that I change out my old IPB forum with this great vBullitin forums.
I love the forums, blogs and tools. :-D
vBullitin are a really great forum style, with lots of great stuff.

Again thanks to the vBulletin company.
Hieu H.
 / Mar 2008
Very awesome support. Clear and very easy to understand and follow.
And of course, very fast :) Highly recommend vbulletin!
Maria Columbus
 / Mar 2008
I want to let you know that Kerry-Anne Peters, vBulletin Support helped me greatly in getting my account in order. I really appreciate her support and would not have been able to access my account without her help. Thanks Kerry-Anne!!
Jason Amison
 / Feb 2008
This thread is dedicated to 'Steve Machol', as he's such a valuable part of Jelsoft.

Since moving to vBulletin, I've had a few hiccups, and no matter what the problem, Steve as always got the time to help me out. I'm sure it can be annoying for you sometimes, but I appreciate everything.

Not forgetting to give a mention for 'Jake Bunce' who again as helped me a lot, and is such a great guy.

Finally, I'd like to thank all other staff, kier, Sullivan, Floris ect, not for getting all the other developers who make vBulletin such a great forum software!

Keep up the good work guys!

I've learned so much. I'm great with computers, hence the reason why I started a computer forums site. When I decided to make a online community, I thought I was going have a nightmare of getting everything set up.

Basically, I wasn't a coder, and have never done coding. But since I've owned a vBulletin forum, my coding skills have just got better and better, which I thought would never happen.

Maybe one day I can start helping too, who knows.

So, anyone who doesn't have a vBulletin board, get one now! It isn't a lot, and I can assure you now, you'll never look back.

Regards Jason
Richie Aubin
 / Feb 2008
After trying 8 times to move to a new server, Kerry-Anne Peters (part of the VB support team) gave us the information we needed to get our forum back up and running. After asking for help from others Kerry knew exactly what the problem was and without her, our forum was going to disappear off the web within days. We can't thank you enough!

A huge thanks from all of us at the Spanish Real Estate Forum.

 / Feb 2008
thanks Jake Bunce for your great help to make me enter again to members area....i love you
Dirk Erasmus
 / Feb 2008

I've been using vBulletin for almost 18 months, one board with 3000 members, and a couple other smaller boards setup for clients.

I am hugely happy with the software, but even more with the stunning way support issues are handled. Always quick and friendly!

Thanks Jelsoft Staff!!!
Goran Baković
 / Feb 2008
I have just recently move from SMF to VB, I must say I was skeptical, I was using until now many CMS scripts, and so far VB have best support!

So, when I done "impexing" my old forum to VB, I lost all my attachments, so I send a ticket and they sad that Jerry Hutchings will look at it. A day (or so) later he mad me a custom script that fixed a problem! I can just say that I'm really happy with support so far, keep up the good work guys.
Nicholas J. Murgatroyd
 / Feb 2008
vBulletin is absolutely the best forum software on the market, and the staff are among the friendliest and most helpful you are ever likely to come across. They really do everything they possibly can to help out.

I've been a customer of Jelsoft for a number of years now, and intend to be a customer for years to come!

Thanks, Jelsoft! ;-)
Jay Greentree
 / Feb 2008
I love vBulletin forums and all the support available. The mods, templates and updates are easy to install and very easy to maintain. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Jay Greentree
João Campos
 / Feb 2008
Having some problems and these guys solved in minutes.

Thanks a lot VB team :)
Kyle Dyck
 / Jan 2008
vBulletin I would say is the best forum system out there, very organized and clean, keep up the good work!
James Peter
 / Jan 2008
I would like to say "I Dont have any words to express the dedication of vB team" . They fixed my problem in 5 minutes when i was struggling to find how to fix it. This is the reason Why vB makes a Very Good And Leading one.

10/10 Very Professional. I have used many boards but finally on vB. I'd Just say, vB Team is doing a great Job!
Chase Speers
 / Jan 2008
If it wasn't for vBulletin i would not run forums, period. I own 3 forums myself and run 6 or 7 and every one is vBulletin. I refuse to use any other software because vB is what I know and in my opinion the best.

Also the few times I have been in need of assistance the support team here is second to none and very willing to take the time to see the issue through.
Drew Perry
 / Jan 2008
First off I would just like to say how outstanding their relationship is between them and their clients. I believe this has got to be the best $160 I have ever spent. You get so much with your purchase and that includes the outstanding customer service that they have. Very top notch and definitely top of their class! I will always be a vBulletin customer for as long as I own a web site with out a doubt. Thanks vBulletin for your outstanding service!
Robert Levin - Data Image
 / Jan 2008
If you are debating whether this is the right bulletin board product to consider, you can take your thinking cap off. The service, support and quality product offered here are second to none. In the world of IT this is a true gem.