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Tom Connelly
 / Dec 2006
I would just like to say how thrilled I am with the level of support I received from Steve on a recent upgrade issue.

His response was fast and courteous. He diagnosed the problems and even took things one step further by assisting with execution of scripts and suggested next steps upon completion

Well Done
Peter Maloney
 / Dec 2006
Very good support. When I need help, the support staff at vBulletin is very responsive, helpful and fast to get back.

Thanks Steve and Jerry

Peter Maloney
Farooq Azam
 / Dec 2006
Very great support! I always get faster support. Good job JelSoft!
Joaquin Margot
 / Dec 2006

Just a few words to mention my enormous satisfaction with the vBulletin team! They are fast in the replies and extremely efficient!

Thank you!
ali gurtuna
 / Dec 2006
Very secure and great service. Thanks VBulletin. You guys are great!

 / Dec 2006
Very, very nice (and safe) boards, love it. ;]
Obaida Elsayed
 / Dec 2006
Very good support. When I need help, the support staff is very responsive

I ll Just Say

I just love vBulletin

vBulletin Is The Best
Harry Ng
 / Dec 2006
Great Support, good job you guys!
Thanks a lot.
Adam Lonsdale
 / Dec 2006
I highly reccomend vBulletin to everybody. It is the equivalent in forums to the IBM in laptops. You could live without it, but once you get one, you will never leave, because there are so many small unimportant features that you learn to rely on, like global announcements etc. And along with the Forum, there is Great Support! It is the Fastest support i have ever used, and with great results. Thanks again vb!!
Philip Tomlinson
 / Dec 2006
I have been using VBulletin for a few years now and have 3 active licences.

We all know how good VBulletin is so there is no point telling you about that.

I would like to tell you how good their customer support is. I have had very few problems with VBulletin and to be honest they have been self inflicted. When I have had problems customer support has been there to quickly sort it out for me, the last time they responded in 4 minutes!

VBulletin is the best forum software, with the best customer support period.
 / Dec 2006
After experimenting with a few different "free" forum solutions, I am very pleased to have purchased vBulletin. The features, support, usability, etc.. are all top notch. There is simply no other choice!

Arvind S
 / Dec 2006
Very good support. When I need help, the support staff at vBulletin is very responsive, helpful and fast to get back.

Thanks a lot guys............
J. Vos
 / Nov 2006
I Have never seen such a complicated source, how vbulletin was build is just simply amazing and the customer service is top quality. It's all worth it!
Morten Bengtson
 / Nov 2006
Amazing support, best online service I have experienced.
 / Nov 2006
I want to say a lot about vBulletin..vBulletin its the best System For Any Website ...
I have A Forums and i use to many Website Forums Systems nothnig best than the vBulletin..
My Web Site: http://www.battlefieldmec.org/vb/index.php
Barry Graham
 / Nov 2006
I would just like to say that the vbulletin support team is amazing! I didnt actually realise there was a support ticket section, so I thought id check it out, couple of minutes later I got a reply and in the next half hour my errors were fixed!

This is all thanks to Marco van Herwaarden, A real friendly guy and so helpful!

I thank him so much for sorting www.wwemayhem.com for me!
Mr Graham
 / Nov 2006
What can I say - superb customer support!

I wanted to change our vBulletin members' area log-in password as an Admin member had left, so I whizzed off a support form today (Sunday) expecting to get a reply probably on Monday.

Minutes later I had a reply from Steve asking for some extra info and after a couple of exchanges (all also replied to very quickly) he had changed the details. Very impressed and very pleased with the service!
 / Nov 2006
Thank you Martin Erwin for such a wonderful support.
vBulletin team always proved to be very helpful, and have provided me with a top notch support. Great work guys. Hope to be working with you again soon.

Jeffin Joseph
 / Nov 2006
Great product coupled with Unbelievable support. I recommend this to the world.
matthew sacks
 / Nov 2006
vBulletin support is very fast and always helpful. They are very knowledgable and always have a prompt solution. I would definitely recommend vBulletin just because of the support alone, not to mention it is a great product.
Paul A.
 / Nov 2006
I just love vBulletin. This has to be the greatest forum software out there.
 / Nov 2006
I must say that the price paid for VBulletin is nothing because the tech support is rapid & top notch, cheers to the coder and the support team.....

Best Regards
David Lyon
 / Nov 2006
I've heard of customer support, but you guys are something else. Extremely prompt replies backed by a very high level of intellect, for a product that is a mere couple hundred dollars.

You've just saved our community :)

I can't thank you enough.


David Lyon
Project Manager
Nuclear Dawn
Matthew T. Johnston
 / Nov 2006
I tried many forums before finding out about vBulletin. I had many problems with security and finding support for the other forums. Since I've purchased vBulletin I've had constant support, as well as a secure forum. Also, vBulletin has provided me with more tools than any other forum. It's well worth the purchase and will always be my choice for forums! Thanks vBulletin and Staff!
 / Nov 2006
My testimonial about vBulletin? Yes, ok..
What can I say? vBulletin: professional software forum, professional staff.


Anthony Lynch
 / Nov 2006
As an old-time user and a brand new customer of VB I would recommend anyone to try it for themselves. The most comprehensive admincp, good documentation presented in a newbie-freindly way and a beautiful finished article are reasons you need this on your site..

The absolutely flawless, astoundingly prompt and invariably correct support I have received are reasons you should BUY the licence.

I couldn't have revived my precious forums without the towering patience of Mr Steve Machol. This is the internet - nobody gives service like this, surely??

Oh yes they do. I would pay treble the money just for the support alone.

Good Job Jelsoft!
Michael Gonnella
 / Nov 2006
Martin Erwin proved to be competent vB tech. He upgraded my large forum (over 1,000,000 posts) to the newest version and kept me updated on every important step. At no point did I feel uneasy about this critical update. I would choose him to work on my forum again. Thank you.
Zachery D.
 / Nov 2006
Very secure and great service. The verification of existing members is of the highest quality. Awsome turn around time. Thanks Jelsoft. You guys are great!
serena carli
 / Oct 2006
I just want to say I have had the best customer service I've received from companies for a while.

I've been dealing with Martin Erwin who I found to be polite, courteous and very very helpful with someone who probably pestered him with all sorts of questions and at no stage did I feel he was getting annoyed with me.

Want to thank him for that and VBulletin, it's nice to see.


Frederick R. Robinson
 / Oct 2006
vBulletin is the absolute best forum on the market... i've used a few before using this one, and have tested some since, but literally, there is no other forum out there that can do what this one can, and still intuitive enough for future uses.
This is a premium package application and I'm a lifetime customer...
Sinue Perez
 / Oct 2006
This forum is the best is complete administration tools, and more usable and very stable. Vbulletin is the best ^^
Ray Fritz
 / Oct 2006
Awesome service, Went above and beyond
David Thompson
 / Oct 2006
I have used alot of the free forum software but didn't feel I was getting everything I could be.

However I found vBulletin and after trying out the demo I was convinced that this was for me, I purchased it and ever since I have been satisified with the huge wealth of features it has.

It has made moderating my forums easier, and even fun. I would highly recommend this product.
Jonathan L. Kramer
 / Oct 2006
Jelsoft, the developers of VBulletin, sets the gold standard for customer support after the sale (which is the time you'll really want to know it's there and available).

The very few times I've run into a problem, I've opened a support ticket and received live feedback and detailed fix suggestions and details that are exactly on point within 30 minutes (even on a Sunday afternoon!).

VBulletin is a fantastic product, only surpassed by the quality and availbility of the support team backing the users.

Jonathan Kramer
CableTV.com Forums
Lewis Wright
 / Oct 2006
On behalf of www.exaltic.com, I highly recommend vBulletin. The software is great. It's full of inventive features that never cease to amaze me. As a forum skin site, we deal with vBulletin and other forum systems a lot. vBulletin is by far the easiest to use, skin, and administer. vBulletin's support team are amazing too. They answered my questions in less than 5 minutes and were very co-operative.

Danh Nguyen
 / Oct 2006
I like to thank Steve Machol ...best customer support me install my new Vb .3.6.2 .

Good job Steve .

Thanks .
Dan Nguyen
 / Oct 2006
I would like to thank Martin Erwin,Floris Fiedeldij Dop,Jo Darby to help me resolve the problem with my site today .

Martin Erwin help me restore my site today ....thanks a lot .

And Floris Fiedeldij Dop is help me and shows me how to be done to move the database form 1 host to another .

I will tell my friend to switch their software to Vbulletin .

Excelent tech support Martin Erwin,Floris Fiedeldij Dop and Jo Darby .
reymundo gomez
 / Oct 2006
Too good. The support fix my problem within minutes thanks Martin, easily worth the 85$
 / Oct 2006
Martin Erwin upgraded our site from 3.0.X to 3.6.1 in under an hour. We scheduled the upgrade for a specific date that worked for our site. And we defined a number of requirements for performing the upgrade. Everything laid out was completed perfectly by Mr Erwin -- in less than an hour. There was no offline-time to speak of, and there were no post-upgrade issues. The professional upgrade was worth every dollar.
Brian Deegan
 / Oct 2006
I just wanted to thank Martin for his patience, and hard work. He has been very valuable in helping me restore my site, and I can't say enough good things about him.

Thanks again Martin.
Steve Vaughan
 / Oct 2006
When I first installed VB 3.6.0, I read and followed directions and all went well. I had a few questions and support was right there (within minutes) answering emails. I was happy.

I decided to change my license and switch my forum and transfered a PHPBB2 database into VB 3.6.2. Again I read and followed directions and got it uploaded. Thats when I ended up having a lot of questions and nothing worked as it did the first time.

Again emails and this time support took the time to log into my back end - my database and my host sight to see what was wrong. Come to find out some settings were off from the upload. This time I was impressed.

No way to express the frustration I "didn't" feel because you were there.

Thank You!
James Lomas
 / Oct 2006
I would like to thank the vBulletin dev. team for there superb forum system. This has really made my site just that better. Thanks again.
Simon Egginton
 / Sep 2006
The support that was provided by (Steve Machol, in my case) vBulletin. Is a service thats next to everything you want! They (he) responded in a timely manner, and they (he) treated me as an Indivdual.

There was no reason for me to suspect that they (he) didn't know what they (he) was talking about. They gave me my answers clearly, procisely and informatively.

Rock On,

Si Egginton
(E-Chattie.com Administrator)
Stephen Cina
 / Sep 2006
I found the professional installation of vbulletin by vbulletin staff member Martin Erwin to be a positve experience. His professionalism and most of all his patience with my lack of tech knowledge made the process much easier than I would have expected. I know why a paid to have an internet forum instead of a free service and it is for this type service.

Thank you,

Steve Cina
Neil Ellis
 / Sep 2006
This is a special thank you from Down Under (Australia)

On behalf of the admin, moderators and general members of Woodwork Forums I would like to thank Colin Frei of the vBulletin Support Team for bringing our Bulletin Board back from the brink after a massive malfunction a couple of days ago. He worked tirelessly for many hours to rectify the problem and get us back on line.

vBulletin has been my forums of choice for a number of years and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Thank you for such prompt and efficient and courtious support and a job well done.

Colin you and vBulletin are legends.

Cheers - Neil Ellis

PS Have upgraded to 3.6.0 since then and am really impressed. The mods and admin are having a ball with all the new goodies. Thank you all.
Ian Burley
 / Sep 2006
We switched to vBulletin in September 2006 at www.dpnow.com and it's light years ahead of our previous forum platform.

Ian Burley
Editor, Digital Photography Now (DPNow.com)
Schalk Lombard
 / Oct 2006
Very secure and great service. Verification of existing members is of the highest quality. Thanks VBulletin. You guys are great!
Sean Glendinning
 / Sep 2006
Fitness.com has been running vB software for almost 3 years and I have been using it with my clients for over 4 years. We are continually impressed with the support (consistantly a response within 30 minutes) and awesome features (can't give enough praise to the plugin/hook feature - no more need for 'hacking' code).


Keep up the great work. - Fitness.com
Lou Mongello
 / Sep 2006
Steve and the entire vBulletin team:

I cannot thank you enough for your exceptional help and support with this issue. I have been incredibly happy with vBulletin since day one, and your help today solidifies you and your software as the absolute very best in the industry. My sincere thanks and highest praise for you, your staff and software. I am a vB customer for life.

Wayne P
 / Sep 2006
I would like to sing the praises of the support team, i was helped with a database issue and all went very smoothly, the only thing was here in the uk it was 3am at the time ! And when i woke up, the problem was fixed. i cant thank you enough.
brendan lennon
 / Sep 2006
Top notch support, the switch-over on http://www.biker.ie/forum from Invision power board 2.1.7 to VBulletin 3.6.0 was seamless, Martin Erwin is to be commended for his knowledge and helpfulness on the subject.

Brendan Lennon
 / Sep 2006
I've been a phpbb fan all my life but when I came to vBulletin I was amazed. There is so much more to do with it and it is a lot more secure. We used to have a problem with hackers and now we don't. Thank you vBulletin.
Craig Grantham
 / Sep 2006
I own the URL www.kneeriders.com - and paid for an upgrade to the latest vBulletin version roughly 10 weeks ago.

I wrote to the noted service e-mail and was responded to by Martin. He walked me through the entire process of updating the information needed to get the upgrade done. Then, he upgraded the entire site to the 3.6.0 version today, and I've already been able to see enhancements.

Bottom line: Martin was attentive, focused, hard working, and FAST. He delivered the service that many only wish for, and for that - I'm indebted to him. You are lucky to have him on staff, and the next time I need an upgrade, I hope he's around!

Your product is excellent - I'm glad I'm using it...

Craig Grantham
Daniel Medhurst
 / Sep 2006
I asked for help with my log in as after a year I managed to loose it and change me email address. I spoke with Martin Erwin who replied in 30 minutes which is no time at all.

He managed to sort it all out very quickly and set me on my way again.

Thanks again.
Simon White
 / Sep 2006
I used the upgrade service to get from v3.5.4 to v3.6.1 The process was so smooth I didn't actually notice that it had been done. So top marks to 'my' engineer, Martin Erwin, who kept me up-to-date on what was happening and did a great job.

I'd recommend the service to anybody who just wants to get an upgrade done with a minimum of fuss.
Ed Burns
 / Sep 2006
I am a completly sastisfied customer.

I have never attempted to run a fourm, and have a very limited grasp of html. However, the customer service and support I have gotten from the vBulletin team and their forum, has enabled me to get my forum online in a short time.
Thanks to all of the forum members who have helped me, and have answered some pretty basic questions for me. And a huge thanks to Colin of the vBulletin team for all his help.

Ed Burns
Joseph Means
 / Sep 2006
Martin Erwin did a superb job on my installation yesterday. Due to a flare up of my dyslexia, we had a difficult time communicating. He kept a cool head, and we eventually worked through it. Though I imagine there was a great deal of screaming in his work space, I never felt like he was screaming at me. :)
Mark Ashford
 / Sep 2006
The upgrade to the latest version of VBulletin was fast effective and efficient. I am very pleased with the service and highly recommend it.
 / Sep 2006
I am staff on a vBulletin website (http://www.nbsdesignz.com). I have created several skins using the vBulletin system. From my experience using vBulletin's Admin CP thus far, I can say it is possibly the most powerful and user-friendly BBS I have ever used.

Great job on a great product, and continue being the leader in forum software.
Jake Shipton
 / Sep 2006
The support with this company is amazing, I'm very happy to say that this software's support team is VERY VERY good.

As for the software its self, its brilliant Basicly perfected.

Yes, i know the price is a little high, but its worth it.

Highly Recommend Using.

My Over all rating would have to be
99.8 Ultra Excellent
 / Sep 2006
Good support, quick problem solving, quick email response! Respect! :)
Mark Wright
 / Sep 2006
First class customer service. I had a self-inflicted billing issue, and I had a response from Martin and resolution in a matter of minutes. Top notch and the kind of resolution that tells you a lot about how a company feels about its customers.
Matthew Woods
 / Sep 2006
Martin Erwin was very helpful when i needed some quick help. He was quick, easy to understand and friendly at all times.
Simone Fischer
 / Sep 2006
vBulletin forum is the best ever. It's robust and powerful. Community is great, and support staf will never leave you alone.

It's worth of every single penny.
Sir Henry Moorehead
 / Aug 2006
I'd just like to say how grateful I am to Colin Frei for all the superb help he gave me in overcoming my Installation problems, and more recently today, with a SQL issue which closed my site down. Colin has such patience with my thousand questions, and I cannot thank him enough for showing such a high standard of support to me! You're a gem, m8!

I know that I can always turn to him for advice, and that is really awesome!

Thanks so much, Colin!

vBulletin rox, and is worth every penny! :)

Benedict Bell
 / Aug 2006
Thank you for a great customer service, it's fast, efficient, courteous and, most importantly, effective.


Ben (www.myclubbingspace.com admin)
 / Aug 2006
Product is very good but I still have to learn.
What I find great is the support Team!!!!!! fast and very helpfull!!!
Special thanks to Colin Frei!!!

Eric Barnes
 / Aug 2006
Wonderful product. I have been a a vBulletin customer for about a year now and love their products, service, and community forums.

Hands down the best forum software on the market.
Jean Simoneau
 / Aug 2006
The support service was really really fast, thanks a lot!

Continue the great work!!!!

Jean Simoneau
 / Aug 2006
vBulletin has the best support team I've ever seen. I'm just astonished with their support. You can compare it with live support. I just posted a issue & got a reply in a minute. Thats not just happend once. I got replied everytime I asked them for any kind of help. I'm a pretty much happy customer of vBulletin. Long live vBulletin.
Karl Mathews
 / Aug 2006
I've had vBulletin for only a month and already am enjoying the extended capacity it features which translates to multiple benefits to my community members and myself as the admin of my site.

The support ticket system is virtually instant - compared to my web host who only answer one ticket request every 24hrs.
A near death experience (of my forum) was saved by the superquick responses from the vBulletin ticket system.

Great job vB team!!!
Rohin Dewan
 / Aug 2006
Speed of light support. Very pleasant and thorough. vB support is great, they never keep you waiting for a very long time. Great service!
Bart Swalus
 / Aug 2006
At first I was doubtfull about buying Vbulletin. But after all i'm glad i bought it. Vbulletin has a lot of features which everyone likes and when something goes wrong or I have a problem with my forum there is always someone for support. And when you need a specific modification you can search in the companies own support forum vbulletin.org it's amazing what you can find over there...
Ammari, Jaber
 / Aug 2006
I just can't believe it, I have never seen any company that provides such support. The support team has never let me down, they help me whenever I need them, they even would fix any problem that I can't fix by myself.

Whatever the purchase price, it is indeed worth while. You can build up your forum without no fear, vBulletin has a much better team support than McDonalds managers.
Vahakn Nadjarian Vancos
 / Aug 2006
A great THANK YOU to the support team. It is great to be a part of this family. Props to Mr.Steve Machol for the perfect example of customer service.
 / Aug 2006
Fast email response all the time, support is ALWAYS exellent. I'll be with vBulletin for a very very long time!
Essam Alahmadi
 / Aug 2006
I happy with my use of the distinguished forums program and thank you for the great effort in the support of this program a technician.

Kind Regards,
Essam Alahmadi
Managing Director
SerbTech | managed hosting
Martin Pacesa
 / Aug 2006
vBulletin is the best forum software out there. All its features and support on various sites and add-ons make it an unbeatable challenger for any other forum software.
Laura K.
 / Aug 2006
I just wanted to say how awesome the support from Colin Frei has been. He has been incredibly expeditious in responding to my support questions and concerns. Hats off to him and the rest of the vB team!
albert juul
 / Aug 2006
Excellent program, very easy to install. Loaded with feature. I give it a very enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Albert Juul
Computer Tech Support USA
Chiusolo Vincenzo
 / Aug 2006
Not there are words in order to describe the great job that the Developers of vbulletin are making in order to have a more and more complete software. Use this forum from far away 2003 and I must say that it is splendid and I am making work of convincing other customers for the purchase of the software.
Jamie Collins
 / Jul 2006
I love VB!

I purchased VB back in January, and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done, Not only do you get an excellent product and very fast, efficient customer service, you get access to a vbulletin.org, a site dedicated to hacking your VB.

VB is a very flexible product and easy to work with, if you know basic PHP & HTML you are half way to customising your site, I have customised my site and the plugins & hacks you can install allow you to do almost anything.

Thank you VB, My website is now the number one clubbing resource in northeast England.
Jeremy Tang
 / Jul 2006
vBulletin's support team is top notch, they promise a resonse in 48 hours, but more often respond within minutes even in the middle of the night!
Paul Tweedie
 / Jul 2006
I have purchased a lot of sofware online recently, and I have to say that the online tech support that I have had from vBulletin has been the best.

 / Jul 2006
The Vbulletin support staff is lightning quick on answering support questions. Their Pro Installation was very helpful at getting my forum installed correctly.
Tom Martin
 / Jul 2006
Great support as always! Thanks Martin!

Inaam Sheikh
 / Jul 2006
Buying vbulletin is the best thing I've done since I got into web development. I have been using vbulletin forums before and i like the stability and features that Vbulletin offers. Well done Jelsoft for a wonderful product.
Tigran Aleksanyan
 / Jul 2006
I have tried some free forums and than just tried this one in demo...
I fall in love with the administrators panel. The flexibility and available plugins makes this board very powerful. Worth this the money you pay? It is a bargain for sure! Very recommended!
Great job guys! My respects.
Catherine O'Carroll
 / Jul 2006
I would like to commend vBulletin AND MARTIN ERWIN (who responded) to the exemplary, IMMEDIATE and diligent attention I received upon my realization of a mistake I made...that could have had serious ramifications. Martin responded and fixed my problem immediately. Just as simple as that. He had it resolved. I thank vBulletin and Martin... you exemplify first rate customer service.... IMPECCABLE!! THANK YOU!!
Tom Roe
 / Jul 2006
Proboards - Lame
phpBB - pffft!
Invision power boards - last century


I too, like many other webmasters out there, started life out using free forums like proboards and invisionfree. i then decided i wanted something more, most of my friends recomended IPB but the forums i were mod of all used vBulletin.

when i choose a software package i don't go for the 'best looking' i go for proffesional and bug free software, and i also go for software that has good support.

When i moved to vBulletin i got EVERYTHING i wanted, Excellent support (my savior Colin Frei, kudos to him for being so patient with me), A fantastic, proffesional and easy-to-use forum package that is popular and simple yet advanced all in one.

I strongly reccomend to ANYONE out there who wants a powerful forum package to go with vBulletin. the team are very commited and are fast to respond, they have vBulletin.org (a vB resource site for those custimisations).

I've not had a SINGLE problem with my boards (exept ones caused by myself being an idiot heh).

for me, vBulletin is the best and stands a full body from the rest, nothing comes close, not even other big companies like IPB can match the awsome and powerful software vB programmers provide nor can anyone match or hope to match the dedication of the vBulletin support staff.

i'm using vB 3.6.0 RC1 and the more i use it, the more i fall in love with it. and can't wait for the official release of 3.6.0

vBulletin > Any forum package out there
Hamed Haddadian
 / Jul 2006
vBulletin is a powerfull board for all web business that for they want to have a perfect intention in this basis.
Rafael Calzada Cerezo
 / Jul 2006
The support team is faster and very efficient!
Thank you very much!
Tony Pente
 / Jul 2006
Outstanding, timely support.
Max Chirkov
 / Jul 2006
Thank you very much for the great product and superior customer service! I placed a help ticket and 5 minutes later received an answer from Support Team member Martin Erwin - he saved my day :) Thank you very much! Great experience right from the start!
Jonathan Kingsbury
 / Jul 2006
I started off DefendingTheTruth.com with a phpBB based site which was fine in the beginning, however it became a real problem when the web sites popularity grew. Everyday I had to delete 10+ spam bots even when I had many hacks installed to prevent spam bot registrants.

I did some research and many other webmasters who run large forums all suggested vBulletin. I decided to purchase the license in January of 06' and it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I have literally not had one spam bot register ever since I switched over to vBulletin. Also the transfer from phpBB to vBulletin was very simple with the guide/tools you had available for download. Tech support was also very helpful when I needed your help in the beginning.

I've been reading up on the upcoming vBulletin 3.6.0 version and I can't wait for the release! I run a political debate forum and one feature that will be BIG for my forum, including many other webmasters forums is the 'RSS Poster Robot' Every webmaster knows content is the king and the RSS Poster Robot will definitely help introduce new discussion and increase a forums popularity. Great work on that!

vBulletin gets 2 thumbs up! I can't thank you enough! Switching over was the best thing I have ever done for my forum!

Jonathan Kingsbury
Defending the Truth - "RidinHighSpeeds"
 / Jul 2006
It's cool baetter then IPB and wowbb ... i like in vb.. one click mods installtion.... easy to manage users and groups and user friendly mod. ... i don't like about vb ... skins ... skins are not good .. good one are paid :(

over all it's better than all boards
Simon Slater
 / Jul 2006
I had been planning to move from phpnuke to vBulletin for a long time and took far too long to do it. I wish now i had done this upgrade years ago.

vB is just Awesome! Our Forum users are delighted with the new site.
Adam Kelly
 / Jul 2006
Vb is an amazing forum with so much help and lots of free MODs,Templates, Scripts if anyone is looking at this and wondering whether to buy it ... I would say Yes!
Dan Johnson
 / Jul 2006
Ok where can I start. I have used many forum softwares before but honestly vBulletin is the best i've used so far!

It is so customisable, very user friendly and the fetures are amazing like the plugin system, the WYSIWYG editor and much more.

This is the greatest forum software on the net and for such a small price. Its worth £300-£400 if you're asking me.

Thanks Jelsoft for this great software, It has been great using it!
John Smith
 / Jul 2006
vBulletin is amazing. that's all there is to say. it is a feature-packed, reliable and easy-to-use and set up piece of software. the support team and vb.com/vb.org communities are what *cough*other *cough* commercial boards can only dream about. conclusion: vBulletin is the only choice for anyone who is serious about running a forum.
Delbert wilcox
 / Jul 2006
Thanks for your great product, since I switch from ubb a bunch of years ago to vb v3.07 + upgrades on three boards we havent had any major problems. other than ones caused by my typos
Your support staff is extreamly quick and friendly.

Again thanks for a great product.
Chris Ward
 / Jul 2006
I just would like to say that the service I have received from Martin Erwin and Colin Frei has been fantastic.
They have been so helpful and patient with me in setting up my forum and I would like to thank them very much...
Kimberly Brady
 / Jun 2006
This is the best software out there. For 3 years I have used Invision Board. And I finally broke down and bought vBulletin and it was the best investment I have made.

The board is simple to use and very user friendly, The support is awsome and very prompt, You don't have to wait around for days for someone to answer you if you have a question or problem.

I am very pleased with my forum and happy that I bought vB,

Thanks for having such an awsome software!
Charlie Stuart
 / Jun 2006
This is short and to the point: Martin Erwin has been an incredible help to us at www.absolutewrite.com/forums as we were forced to move to a new host at a moment's notice. He helped make what was a stressful situation far less so. Kudos to him, and to vBulletin's fast response. We can't thank you enough.
Basem Maddah
 / Jun 2006
It seems that every bulleting board I visited was powered by Vbulletin. As a user, I loved its ease of use, clarity and powerful features. When it was time to implement a bulletin board for my own business, I did not need to look far, as a matter of fact, I did not look anywhere else, I visited vbulletin website and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I did not have to pay an arm and a leg for such a powerful software. Its installation on my hosted website was painless, it actually took me only several minutes to have the software up and running. Unbelievable. Thank you for great software. Best wishes.

Basem Maddah
Beir Nabala Satellite Communication
America Proctor
 / Jun 2006
i love Vbulletin :) They're always looking for ways to make their software better, they make good, functional use of new technologies like AJAX (love the double-click on a thread title to edit it), and it's really easy to customize.

One thing i really appreciate is the support. i went in and changed some things in my admin cp, and suddenly people weren't showing up in 'who's online'. i changed back what i thought i'd fiddled with - nothing. i sent a support ticket and they helped as best they could, but we still couldn't get it fixed. finally a vbulletin staff member offered to login to my board and take a look, and FINALLY, we figured out that i'd changed a setting, and that's what had done it. changed it back, and all was fine.

throughout the whole time we were trying to get it fixed, the vb staff never made me feel like i was annoying them with my questions - they were genuinely concerned and seemed to take it as a challenge - what has happened to muck it up, and how can we fix it? and they did :)

i highly recommend Vbulletin - i now have two leased licenses and plan to upgrade to owned licences next year.

Vbulletin rocks!
Swami Gaurangapada
 / Jun 2006
Greetings. Your support is simply fantastic. I wanted to add a link to the navbar and in a matter of minutes Colin guided me through it with the code etc. Thanks a lot.

Yours in the service,
Swami Gaurangapada.
Shane Andrew Fink
 / Jun 2006

That's all I have to say about the service VB offers. However, if that's not enough, read on:

Yesterday at noon I was downloading the VB software. By around 10 I had my site up and running. By 8 PM today it's all where I want it to be and most things are configured.

First off, Steve and Wayne are simply the best tech guys in the world. I have some tickets with these guys that wouldn't fit on the pages of War and Peace. I've talked with Steve on the phone several times and he walked me through a bunch of stuff (I went with a 1-month phone plan, not that tickets didn't work, but I just like talking to people for some things) that I was having trouble changing.

Then, today, Wayne actually went into my host (after I had given him my information) and fixed a problem I was having. Basically I was trying to migrate VB out of a sub-folder so I could run my forums straight from my homepage without any /forums extension. Anyway, after two unsuccessful walk-throughs (1 on the phone with Steve and 1 on a ticker that Wayne happened to pick up), Wayne offered to do it for me. That's what I call service. I tried to do it on my own, and for whatever reason it just wasn't working for me. So Wayne moved it all over for me and set up the new URLs for the webby (moved a few around) so that it all worked.

Look, for $160 I expect a piece of software. Fine. But this $160 bought me a piece of software along with some of the best support I've ever seen. In a world cluttered with a bunch of rip-off companies, crappy web pages, non-existent customer service, and employees who don't seem to care, this is a refreshing breath of fresh air.

And, the best thing is, these guys actually seem to ENJOY dealing with idiots like me that can't tie their online shoes (my questions are the equivalent of, "How do I turn the computer on"). I will recommend VB to EVERYONE looking to start a page. You guys are awesome.

Ebert and Roper give it 2 thumbs up.
Daniel (Funkworkz)
 / Jun 2006
vBulletin is by far the best forum software avaliable. With the excellent support, the Modding Community, and with so many features avaliable you will not be disappointed with their software.

I am a proud to own a licence and run this excellent software! :-)
Robert Butterworth
 / Jun 2006
One of my biggest concerns when it came to deciding whether to take my forum from the free, remotely hosted, ProBoards software to vBulletin was the expense, I was worried I wasn't going to see that much difference for my money, a forum is a forum, right?

Think again. The vBulletin demo was fabulous, really gave me the chance to explore all the capabilities of vBulletin and it was then I realised that vB was the way to go.

For something so feature rich, it is incredibly user friendly, it did take me a few days to find my way around the Admin Panel but now I have no problems with it at all, and the longer you use it for more amazed you become at all the capabilities of this amazing software. I love it, my users love it, and I couldn't dream of moving away from it.

The best feature of all is the plugin manager, adding new features to your board is an absolute doddle, just download one of the many plugins from vB.Org, upload it, make a few template changes and your away, in most cases it takes less than 10 minutes to install even the most comprehensive of modifcations, something you would have to work for hours to achieve on the likes of phpBB, and the plug in manager also makes upgrading far easier.

And the support is unparralled. Steve Machol and co. usually have your problems solved in under half an hour, and that doesn't include just the most trivial of problems, if you a newbie and worried you won't be able to work the software they will help you every step of the way, there is nothing to worry about.

If you want an extremely powerful, well supported, easy to use customizable forum, vBulletin is without doubt the way to go. You won't regret a single penny to spend. The market leader for a reason.
Ioannis Matzavrakos
 / Jun 2006
Vbulletin has long had the reputation of truly surpassing all competitors in the field of bulletin board systems.

From the old days of 2.x to the next-gen smashing features of 3.6, you have been amazing as always. Being a customer with two licenses for personal use, I will never stop believing that the concept of "online discussion board" is always linked with "Vbulletin".

Keep up the great work, all!
Denis Nolan
 / Jun 2006
I have only being using vBulletin since november 2005 and all I can say is WOW.

I was initally using phpbb for my forum, but I found that although phpbb is free, alot of hacks need to be installed to get a good running service.
First thing that I instantly liked about vB is the plugins that offer different services and best of all, the ability to edit the style templates from the admincp, which are fully reverseable if an error happens.

I am a moderator on a major Irish website that has been using vB since 2002, and while I find it easy to use, the most important thing is that your users find it easy. Everything is simply laid out for the user.

Moderating is also excellent on vB, deleting threads, moving etc are all easy as 1-2-3

I am personally using vB's new beta at the moment and all I can say is that if you thought vB was good, its even better now.

A lot also has to be said for the support team, they are great guys, any bug reports or issues I reported were responded to very quickly.

With vB I know I spent my money wisely.
Joey Malinowski
 / Jun 2006
vBulletin is a great solution for my community. After previously using Invision Power Board, I switched to vBulletin after all of the great testimonials. vBulletin offers everything I need, is easily customized, and my members love it. Thanks vB!
Arne-Wynand Vanderheyden
 / Jun 2006

i was looking about forum software a long time. I have seen lot's of them; phpbb, ipb (version 1.3.1 and the Demo of 2.1.6), SMF, MyBB,...
afther i have seen the vBulletin Demo, i though; Wat is this??
You just can't compare vB with the other ones. I'm active on a few vBulletin boards (as users, not Admin/Mod) and it's verry easy to use, but still professional.
I can recommend this to everyone!
Tip; don't look to those liceses of one year, go straight owned, i can guarantee you; You won't be disappointed!

 / Jun 2006
The staff at vB is so very helpful! Especially Colin, he went above and beyond to help me figure out where my problems lay!
Sam Kilgore
 / Jun 2006
I would just like to thank Martin for all his help getting my forum back on line. I sure hope vBulletin is better than my previous forum, but from the start, Martin is very promising.
 / Jun 2006
very fast support, very good product ! thanks !
Neal Parry
 / Jun 2006
I used many free forums such as phpBB and YABB before deciding we needed to move up a stage to a more modern, secure and easy to use system. vBulletin has many features and is so easy to set up that we have continued to use vBulletin products.

Support is excellent, adding modifications is easy and painless and the security of the system is second to none. We will remain with vBulletin until the sun dies.
Jessica Salman
 / May 2006
Thanks to a great support and help have I never had... thank you so much (Colin).

Nick Johnson
 / May 2006
All I have to say is the VBulletin support team is THE BEST! I have never paid for a product and gotten this level of service before anywhere.

I would like to make a special thanks to Colin Frei for going above and beyond the call of duty with me to help me fix my forum situation. Thanks a million!
Kaala Souza
 / May 2006
Wow! Great communication and responsiveness. Had an installation error that I could not resolve and the team at vB got it for me. Thanks and great work!
Christina Harvey
 / May 2006
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how helpful your employee Martin has been! Clueless, I tried to import from PHPbb2 to Vbulletin (for obvious reasons) and was having a lot of trouble. If it wasn't for Martin's help there is no way everything would have gone so smoothly!!! Not only was he helpful, but he did not get annoyed by my (less than knowledgable) questions!! :)

Thank you so much!!!
Jonathan Jospeh Jones
 / May 2006
When I looked at the vBulletin software, I fought it was amazing, seeing as I had used it as a user on other big forums. But I asked myself “Is the vBulletin software, actually worth the money?” I had fought of this question, since I looked at other forum software, I looked at vBulletin, and it looked to me that it was more superior then the other software; I had researched into. And when I finally got the license, and used it on my host I ran into simple problems, so I wrote a support ticket out, and guess what? I got a reply in less than 5 Minutes, and then I wrote more technical ticket out, and that was replied about in the same time. All this astonished me, in the quickness in which they replied to me was outstanding. The product in which I purchased is the main prize really of it all, the way it is coded is amazing, and once you get the know the AdminCP, it comes some what user friendly, the community right now I am building on is going quite strong…using this software helps me, to make my community even stronger.

Thanks for reading,

-Jonathan Jones of blue-inc.org
Debbie Reider
 / May 2006
I bought Vbulletin not knowing much about it. The vBulletin team installed it for me and my members LOVE this new forum! I have to say the tech help has been a life saver for me. A big Kudos to Martin. He has been amazing to work with! Thank you Martin for ALWAYS expediting any problem I have had with a quick answer or solution. I would recommend this product highly :)
Jon Reay
 / May 2006
Fantastic software! I've been browsing vB based forums for many years, and i've been running one for a few months now. Love it, love it, love it! Worth every penny.
Matthew Strohmeyer
 / May 2006
vBulletin is the best software I have ever used! It beats websitetoolbox, proboards, and many others! It is ads free which is a plus. And you can customize it! I have a lifetime license, which I recommend! As owner of wabuf.com I suggest that you waste no time, and buy this!
John-Paul Miller
 / May 2006
Best software support I have encountered in YEARS. Best customer service as well.

I reported an install problem, and received answers, to which I posted more questions and received more answers.... AND I SWEAR THE ANSWERS WERE COMING BACK FASTER THAN I COULD MAKE THE FIXES.

It has been year since I found ANYONE who supports a product like that.

Brian Cooper
 / May 2006
I just wanted to praise the good work, patience, and understanding of Mr. Martin Erwin. I was about to be left with a bad taste in my mouth from coming here, but Martin, and Colin, were very helpful, and changed my mind about this company. Both were very professional, while still remaining friendly and down to earth, all the while treating me with respect, no matter how many questions I had.

Thanks guys,
Flavio Lucarelli
 / May 2006
Great software and fantastic support, you get answers in minutes :) I recommend it.
Joel Anthoni
 / May 2006
I've used many other forum softwares before, and none could compare to the goodness of vBulletin.
I never had any problems at all, upgrading and installing new plug-ins/skins is very easy. So i never even got the chance to meet the helpdesk, but i'm sure they're as good as their forum software..Amazing.

My forum users are happy that their forum is powered by vBulletin, makes the browsing through topics very joyable and with no problems at all.

In a nutshell; A must for every webmaster that cares of his visitors!
Jason Rosoff
 / May 2006
I made the transfer over from another forum software company because the costs were getting out of control. I was very reluctant for obvious reasons: users unhappy with the change, content not being brought over, and the biggest was my ability to get the transfer done correctly.

The good news, it was done in a pretty painless procedure. The support from VBulletin was great, but Martin specifically went above and beyond all of my expectations for support. He was knowledable, friendly and most importantly patient with me.

I greatly appreciate all of it.

Amjad Ali
 / May 2006
thanks for everything this is the best software ever.
James Norman
 / May 2006
I first stared of on phpbb, knowing it was free, but when I bought a domain name on got things underway, I knew it wasnt going to be easy. Thats why I switched to vBulletin, from then I will never turn back, its so much easier to managed and maintain.

Feel Free to see what I have done www.oz-consolemods.net
With many members, and having a lot of posting, need a board that will be abill to handle the load which vbulletin does perfectly.

Thanks For Making Vbulletin, and trust me its worth every cent.
Eddie B
 / May 2006
I must say that Martin and the team at VBulletin are a class act and understand the meaning of customer service. They patiently listened to each and every request our company offered up and installed a flawless product in record time. VBulletin offers the most intuitive php solution for a forum with world-class documentation and technical support. Seriously, if you are at all thinking about publishing an online interactive web forum, look no further than VBulletin. This message is being written by the president of several e-commerce sites.
Martin Fenton III
 / May 2006
I just wanted to say that I have been very pleased with the vbulliten product. I am utilizing 4 different forums and they are all doing very well on the internet and have been received well by the customers.

I would highly recommend this product to anybody wanting to create an online community or tool to service clients. Please feel free to see how we have utilized our forums at the below URL's:


Thank you for creating a great product with great service.

Martin Fenton
Chief Tutor
Site Tutor Inc.
Jill Osborne
 / May 2006
I'd like to take a moment to thank Martin of the the vBulletin support team, who helped us restore our vBB to functionality. Inexplicably, the database was dropped and rendered inaccessible on our new server. He was able to log into the server, create a new database, copy the old database and restore the system in just a few minutes! Bravo Martin... you saved us and helped to ensure that the patients who use our message boards continue to receive the vital support that they depend upon each day! It was worth every penny!

Jill Osborne, MA
President & Founder
Interstitial Cystitis Network
 / May 2006
This product is really very good, and their support is quick, good and full of knowledge.

For example: if you are a programmer, they will give you some sources to read plus their support, you'll understand the things.

vBulletin is very good forum script, I advise you to purchase it.

Brian Turner
 / May 2006
Colin Frei helped me, he was extremely helpful, and got me through my problem fast. His replies to my questions were fast, educated, and correct (they all worked) kudos Colin (and the whole vBulletin staff!)
Kyle Crandall
 / May 2006
I liked how you can choose the different skins, and nice upgrade.
mohamed elshikh
 / Apr 2006
I was have proplem in my forum 2 days and tried everything
finally I decide to try vB support and Martin Erwin the best one he really helped me and back my forum work again
big thanx for you all.

i love you
Brett M
 / Apr 2006
I am a new customer, and wanted to just say that I was beyond impressed with how patient, helpful and responsive the support team has been in getting me going.

I was very green when I begun, and the support team, particularly the manager, was quite helpful and took the time to answer my questions to get me moving.

Thanks vBulletin!
Patrick Vulpi
 / Apr 2006
I just want to say that you and your support team have been very helpful and insightful when I contact you guys with questions, which is really rare now-a-days.
Adam Auerbach
 / Apr 2006
Martin was extremely helpful and professional in assisting me with my new order for the V Bulletin.
I will recommend you folks to anyone!

Thanks. Adam Auerbach
Tom Jepp
 / Apr 2006
After having used phpBB for years on my forums, I was getting really fustrated with the fact that every decent feature was a "hack", updating on every release took ages (even with EasyMOD), and essential functionality was missing from the core package. Then I got hacked - the word was that there would be no update for a while.

So, I started looking around for new forum packages. It's the same everywhere - "New version - fixes 10 critical security bugs!" but only after a month or so of waiting.

Then, I looked at a forum I regularly use, and saw that they had changed to vBulletin, so I took a look. I've been a proud vBulletin user since 01:37pm on July 06th 2005, and I've never looked back. Timely security updates, all the features I want built in, professional support (even though I've not actually used it :P), and the best Importer system I've ever seen (certainly the most complete!)

I recommend vBulletin for any forum, big or small, that wants stability and security!
Joe Gronlund
 / Apr 2006
Excellent Support, and very impressive vbulletin site. I am always happy to visit the vbulletin community forums, on a daily basis :)

Joe Gronlund
Jill Kline
 / Apr 2006
I wanted to send a great big thank you out to the support team. You guys are the best. I am new here and had a million questions and you have all helped to answer each one clearly and in a timely manner.
Special thanks to Martin for offering and then taking the time to help me complete the installation.
From what I have seen so far I would recommend VB to anyone.

Thanks again.
Simon Egginton (Administr
 / Apr 2006
Excellent! Value for money, great security and very universal.

On top of all this, excellent customer support!
Vaagn Arakelyan
 / Apr 2006
Great Product and Support. We really enjoy vBulletin forum and will recommend it.

Vaagn Arakelyan
CigarWise Magazine
Danny Lin
 / Mar 2006
Over the past years, I've been a loyal vBulletin users for being both an early translation contributor for the Traditonal Chinese build and a license owner for years.

vBulletin is really fantastic in both their innovation and commitment in their product offering and great support.

I'm proud to be part of the vBulletin community member. :-)
Saad Talha
 / Mar 2006
The best board software I have come around. I have experience using Invision Power Board, phpBB, MyBB, Ikon and almost EVERY board software around; but vBulletin is #1.

The features are great and the support you get is excellent. All those people using pirated boards: Buy vBulletin, it is worth every penny.

It is also very easy to get used to and the customizations (hacks,mod,skins,etc) are excellent. People say that Invision is best for mods. Well, vbulletin.org proves them wrong.

The learning curve for vBulletin is about: 20-30 minutes!

Once again I'd like to thank the vB team and all other contributors for making vB. Truly the best thing that happened to the internet since Google!
Donald Orpen
 / Mar 2006
You guys are a big help! I actually worked with Floris, and he was very helpful. Thanks for taking the time.. Hopefully I get use to this soon ...lol...

Mike & Jeannette Aust
 / Mar 2006
We have just bought our second vBulletin licence. We were a little concerned by some adverse comment floating around when we got the first.

Now that we have sites up and running, we know that the vBulletin product is ideal for new starters lacking IT expertise and, with the helpful and timely assistance of vBulletin Support, there have been no problems we were unable to soon overcome.

Without any help at all, we were able to customize our BB and the response has been fantastic. The sites went on line in February 2006. So far we have had almost 200,000 hits.

Having said that, we find that most hits are from people who do not actually register on the BB. But who cares, just so long as they are out there being enthusiastically browsed through.

We love vBulletin's BB package and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Well worth every penny we paid. And the support, even though 'across the pond' is friendly, rapid, and expert.

Thanks vB, your team are all stars! You have helped make the Internet our home away from home. What a wonderful experience it has been.

BTW, we are now building our third site, again using vB software.

Kindest regards

Mike & Jeannette Austen
J J Jones
 / Mar 2006
Best forum software I have ever seen. If you submit a support ticket you may get a reply under 5 Minutes at least. This is the best thing I have come over on the Internet.


J J Jones
Travis Repp
 / Mar 2006
Gabriel Graves
 / Mar 2006
vBulletin has made sorting users into usergroups a breeze. You also get an amazing Paid Subscription feature that many other boards don't have!
Antonio Weary
 / Mar 2006
I just would like to say that i was very please with Steve Machol's customer service. He was very prompt and polite with the transactions i have made.

Give him a promotion ( lol ) Thanks alot Steve.


Malcolm Huxtable
 / Mar 2006
I have been using vBulletin for a while now, and I would like to say thank you for the excellent product and support. No other forum package can provide the features that vBulletin has.

There is also a wealth of information on the community forum and on the sister sites which is helpful for the setting up and maintaining of the software.

Highly recommended!

Many thanks.
David Norris
 / Feb 2006
I would like to thank the support team for their excellent service. I lost my username and password (stored in a email) due to my error when formatting my hard drive to solve a windows problem. I decided to contact the support team via email to see if they could help and was amazed that I got an allmost instant reply (at 11pm, thats what i call dedication) and within a few emails (10 mins or so) i had all the information I needed.
Keep up the good work.

David Norris
Spectrum Graphics
Nicole Hewitt
 / Feb 2006
Switching to VBulletin was the best move ever! Support is fabulous (and fast!).
 / Feb 2006
Thanks Martin !!!!

Thanks so much for making my transition to vBulletin a very smooth process . Thanks for all the support and installation. Thanks for answering all my questions....

Take Care!
lewis beechey
 / Feb 2006
No doubt at all, that this is the most powerful forum software in the universe!!!

I love it, I have always wanted to run vBulletin as my forum, and now, I have it, and I love it!

Thanks Jelsoft for creating yet another brilliant version of vBulletin.
Joe Hansen
 / Feb 2006
I began looking at vBulletin as a possible new forum software for my site (www.clantemplates.com) after we had many security scares and hacking attempts on our old software. At the time we were using IPB 1.3 and the ClanTemplates forums had grown to around 10,000 users. After reading all the details regarding vBulletin we made the changeover and it was definately the best move we have ever made in terms of site/forum software.

Since the changover we have not had a single hacking attempt or security scare and our memberbase has expanded to over 60,000 members. The amazing stability and security of vBulletin has allowed us to stop worrying and start focusing on growing our community.

The only problems we have encountered have been self-caused and minor, as soon as we reported the problems to the vBulletin support staff we had an answer and a solution that fixed everything, talk about professionalism!

I have really come to understand the major difference between free software and properly structured and managed software now that we have made the move to vBulletin.

Thankyou Jelsoft =)
Robert Allen
 / Feb 2006
I run a hosting company, and i doubted the vBulletin a friend had hosted on my server was legal. vBulletin staff helped me figure out if it was legal or illegal in less 30 minutes. I suspended his account there and then.

They did it so quickly, it was brilliant.

Thanks vBulletin staff,
(CEO of www.pcwebtalk.com)
Peter Jones
 / Feb 2006
I just updated my owned licence for download access and as usual the support was completely outstanding!
I dealt with Martin....everything went like clockwork.
Great stuff guys....you're in a class of your own in this industry.
Robert Isaac
 / Jan 2006
Our old board was drab and not very customisable we were clearly in danger of losing ground. Having looked around the Internet there was only one choice, vBulletin. OK, it cost us $160 (£93) but within a week of going live our advertising agent sold the forum home page ad space on a 6-monthly contract for much more than we paid for the package, and has several more parties lined up for the next few 6 month periods. Traffic is growing daily with the daily number of new members increasing.

People just love the feel of the board, they clearly enjoy visiting and getting involved. The support from vBulletin staff is outstanding and there is a heck of a lot of enthusiasm from an army of folk who offer great modifications to make this great package even better. Our visitors now get much more out of the board.

I am glad I made the choice.

Robert Isaac
Director/Web Admin
Volvo Owners Club Ltd
Transverse Styles
 / Jan 2006
I don't think it's an accident that vBulletin is on top. vBulletin offers lightning fast support and a quality product. I worked with Mr. Steve Machol about changing some member information. Steve required many pieces of information, but this was to ensure the account wouldn't be hijacked by any unlawful being.

I went to make the request, expecting a reply in 10 minutes. What happens? A reply in 1 minute!!! And at a time unlikely to receive such... around 7pm. I've had other support tickets from this company, and I've had an average response time of about 10 minutes.

Make no mistake! Buy vBulletin.
Chris Frame
 / Jan 2006
After wasting much time and effort trying to customize phpBB2, I finally got smart and paid a few bucks for a quality piece of forum software, vBulletin.

I actually run two separate forums via vBulletin and it has been a treat. Nothing is more feature filled and nothing is easier to use.

Thanks vBulletin!
Trevor Rieger
 / Jan 2006
Martin Erwin solved a corrupt index.php file problem that somebody (other than me) uploaded onto my site causing board problems. The corrupt index.php file contained a redirect to Europe. Don't ask!

He did this in a timely manner. Thanx!
Sheri Santiago
 / Jan 2006
My entire board crashed in the middle of the night, I get several thousand page views a day. I emailed tech support and within minutes they were working on it for me.

These guys got me back and running in very little time, kudos!
Bill Simcox
 / Jan 2006
I had a small problem with a database, and had NO idea how to fix it. Searched the forums, found lots of great information, but still couldn't fix the problem.

Tried the ticket system, and had a reply from Martin Erwin in less that 10 minutes!! Not only was Martin able to give me the answers I needed, he went out of his way and actually FIXED my problem himself!!!

If this is the way you guys are gonna do business, then you have mine for a long time to come, as well as anyone who asks me with bulletin board program to use!!!!
 / Jan 2006
I love vBulletin and it's the best..I can not recommend the crew at vbulletin enough!

Thanks (vBulletin staff) , keep up the good work.

 / Jan 2006
I started my forums about 5 years ago and I must say that without vBulletin, it was tough work. I've used other forum software but just wasn't good enough. It got to the point where I couldn't compromise any more. I had to have the best for my forum and it's members. After some investigating and seeing how many awesome sites were running vBulletin, I bought a vBulletin license and never looked back.
vBulletin is the best forum software for many reasons. The features are great, it's easy to use and you can modify or customize it as much as you'd like. After switching to vBulletin, membership has increased exponentially. The members of my forum just love it! I've been attracting advertisiers too.
I highly recommend vBulletin because it's a total package. Even if you're new to computers or online forums you can't lose with vBulletin. Their technical support is first class! Steve Machol and the vBulletin Technical Support team are THE BEST! Speedy (and I mean quick!), professional responses to my questions. What else can I say? They're top notch! Get vBulletin NOW and see for yourself why vBulletin is # 1 !!!


Donald Williams
 / Jan 2006
I'd like to thank the support team at vBulletin for the excellent work on setting up our site. Support has contacted me in a very timely fashion and our installation was completed quickly. Special thanks to Martin Erwin for his great work and excellent instructions he provided me.
Michel Rempenaux
 / Jan 2006
I want to say thanks to the guys who make this software.
It has made a lot of progresses since 2002 when I changed for vBulletin. Support is ok, Community is large, extensions are very numerous, so I want to say "bravo" to these people now.

James Cacchioni
 / Jan 2006
Well here I am; the proud new owner of a vB licence ^_^

I have been toying with the idea of purchacing a licence for about 4 years now... I know... damn long time to contemplate something =P but I've been using IPB 1.3 for so long now that I just kinda got used to it.

Recently I was 'promoted' to forum admin of one of my regular sites and having a first hand look at the admin panel I was blown away! The features are incredible and the plugins / mods / extensions are just endless!

Also; I wonder if it's just coincidence that my community has grown by 30+ active members in the last 3 days since I upgraded to vB?
Eric Posen
 / Jan 2006
The vBulletin Support Team did an excellent job at helping me fix my database problem promptly. They were able to help me get my forum running smoothly again and were patient through every step.

Thanks, vBulletin!
Marjorie Serrano
 / Jan 2006
Wow! Stay with you till the end!! Martin hung in there, and held my hand the whole way through!

thanks again!! :)
Mr Rickie Flack
 / Jan 2006
A speedy and acurate response, as I'd always expected. Reflects the quality of service I'd always known and expected from vBulletin staff.
In fact so fast I was taken by surprise.
Well done guys :)

Best Regards