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Maciej Sondij
 / Dec 2005
I have been using phpBB and IPB trough years and then I discovered vbulletin..
As a long time user and administrator of forum engines I have to admit.. vBulletin is the one and only.. A perfect product.. Administrators dream..

Thanks for it, keep up the good work
Mohammed Almousawi
 / Dec 2005
Dear vbulletin,

I think that vbulletin is the best bb software in the world.

-after trying (ipb , smf , phpbb , xmb , ezboard) I think vb 2.x is best than all bb forums and the new ones.

-Its also easy and very fast controlling.

-easy to create styles , hacks , templetes and very beautiful designing will be in final.

-vb is easy for taking mysql backup and fast and safe.

I rate the vb 10/10

the forum : http://www.maarof.com/vb

Best regards
maarof.com team
Amit Kumar
 / Dec 2005
vBulletin is simply amazing. It is by far second to none.

-www.MegaGames.com / www.MGForums.com
Jason Brydon
 / Dec 2005
Hello all,

I have had vBulliten just over a week now and i have the forum setup easily and quite a few mods installed also :).

In all it took me about 10mins to install it from uploading the files for it to be ready to add forums.


i was going to get ipb but then a mate called Ben B told me that vBulliten was the best to get.


Jason Brydon
Greg Dainty
 / Dec 2005
Great product - does exactly what it needs to do and more and does it well!! Support is excellent and hassle free....thoroughly recommended.
Bryan Davis
 / Dec 2005
The staff was very helpful with my installation. So far, so good.
Rudolph Halmo
 / Dec 2005
Like many other users , I had tried forum after forum running into issues and the lack of documented support for each board was rather discouraging. I began to look around the net at the nets largest forums and began to realize that the best and biggest forums were all using Vbulletin.

Now , I must admit that the vbuletin purchase price gave me sticker shock. However I bit the bullet and decided to jump in head first after literally 2 weeks of forcing myself to try and hash out problems with other boards.

Now that I have vbulletin installed , I have to say I will never ever have to find another forum software. Vbulletin is the best I have truely ever used and administered.

Thanks Vbulletin you have made a believer out of me and my loyalty will extend far beyond that of any software I have ever used.
Tom Stoecklein
 / Dec 2005
I've dealt with a lot of companies. A lot of people.

What sets different companies apart from each other is often the level of support they give. You have taken this to an entirely different level, as you've completely blown my expectations out of the water.

In less than a few minutes after I made a simple request I got a well thought out and respectful answer from Steve Machol that addressed my issues, and helped me out immensely. Because of this, I now know that our future, my website and vBulletin, will be a great one. Thank you for that!
Simon Connah
 / Dec 2005
After playing around with phpBB for a while I got frustrated, so I had a look at vBulletin which I had seen other forums use to great effect.

I decided to buy a leased license as I was not sure if it was worth it to get the full owned license, needless to say within 30 days of using it I had upgraded to the full owned license. A helpful and well designed piece of software that seems to work for you rather than against you.

Good job Jelsoft.
Marboosh.Net ( Neo)
 / Dec 2005
I love vBulletin and it's the best..I can not recommend the crew at vbulletin enough!

Thanks (vBulletin staff) , keep up the good work.

David Harrison
 / Dec 2005
I am shocked to say it is everything I did not expect it to be like. I have tried every other forum package around and this is by far the best I have seen. The admin panel just blew me away with features. And the ease of adding plugins and changing templates was so easy a child could do it. And the support Floris gives is outstanding.
 / Dec 2005
Excellent support with the utmost in patience for those who don't have the knowledge needed to perform even the simplest of tasks. I particularly have had Steve Machol help me in a couple of issues and without a doubt, he is a definite asset to VBulletin !!! Thanks !!
Scott Luther
 / Dec 2005
While I wouldn't use vBulletin for a non-commercial forum, I would use it on any site where professionality is a must. It has a very professional look to it. The support team is also excellent. If you have a business, I highly suggest using vBulletin for your forum system!
Camden Nuckols
 / Dec 2005
Vbulletin is an essential part of my site and its worth every penny I paid for it . It blows all other board software out of the water in features and customer support. Thanks for all the help guys and I'm looking forward to new versions down the road.
Jake Cylkowski
 / Dec 2005
I used phpbb for a while and then I heard about Vbulletin. So once I bought it and got it up and running I though to myself..."What was I thinking using phpbb?" Vbulletin is way better!!

So great job guys!!
John Scott
 / Dec 2005
With four vBulletin forums, I tend to request support quite often. Every time, a member of the vBulletin team has responded almost immediately with a helpful answer.

The support here is the best, bar none.

Thank guys!
Stephen Conley
 / Dec 2005
Vbulletin is very best and very stable Php resource forum. I liked vBulletin and rate 10/10 point.

Thanks Vb Staff for writing the vbulletin product.
Stuart Gilbertson
 / Nov 2005
I have been using vBulletin for the past 2 years, and I have to say it's fantastic!

If you're looking for a quick and easy forum installation, with an array of advanced features that let you get in front of the competition, vBulletin is the way to go!

keep up the good work guys!

Stuart Gilbertson
Equiphase Services Limited
Steve Lawrence
 / Nov 2005
Hats off to the support team. The service is provided in a timely and professional manner. And above all its vBulletin. Which of course is the most reliable forum software on the market in my opinion. The cost is well worth the poduct.

 / Nov 2005
Thanks for existence and improve within each day!

vB is the most convinient system I used.
Brendan Burgesss
 / Nov 2005
We wanted to upgrade to the latest version of vBulletin and were faced with the decison - do we pay around $100 to Jelsoft to do it or do we try it ourselves.

I am really glad we paid for it. We ran into lots of problems, all of which were caused by our ISP. These were identified by Martin from Jelsoft and dealt with systematically and patiently. We are in a different time zone and Martin stayed at it well and beyond the call of duty and his bedtime.

It's money well spent and thank you very much.

 / Nov 2005
When i started making site back in the day, vBulletin launched, i quickly discovered that this was the best forum script on the net.... many years later, they still prove to be the best! My latest forum, www.majorfm.com/forum has grown to over 10,000 members in the first year! A community is the key to any website... if your not using vBulletin already... you're missing out!
William Fernie
 / Nov 2005
We are extremely impressed with vbulletin that has been added to our web site www.caithness.org - a local community web site in the Highlands of Scotland. We already had a message board and for technical reasons were required to change it. We managed to import all of our previous messages and set up the vbulletin board and are impressed with all the new features which we and our visitors are now getting to grips with. We are so impressed we have just purchased another package to add to another web site we run www.maxxblade.co.uk - a free java scripts site.
 / Nov 2005
Freddie handled an ezBoard migration for us today. 200,000+ posts from an ezBoard can't be easy. This task was completed ahead of schedule and with great communication. He even offered to re-write an unsupported 3rd party script to work with our newer v3.5 boards.

Migrating a community of over 12,000 users is tough enough on it's own. Freddie, thank you and the rest of the vBulletin team for making this transition a great one.
Dave Wagner
 / Nov 2005
We started using vB over 3 years ago after our forums grew faster than expected using other free software without all the features.

We now have over 7000 members and 435,000+ messages! Who would have thought....Upgrades are always smooth and support of the product is great!
 / Nov 2005
I Tested it 5 years ago, i started vBulletin 1.x and i referred all turkish people. vBulletin is a perfect script! I think you must sale this product and use it ;)
sultan a
 / Nov 2005
vBulletin is the best forum software I've seen -and I've seen a lot. It also has the best support

I have a web site http:\\www.mobile4arab.com\vb
And this software works with it very softly.

Best regards
Mobile4arab support teem
Ben Forbes
 / Nov 2005
Customer Support is high-tech now, Steve is doing a great job and needs a payrise, the forums are great but Customer support is fine and you cannot beat it.
Ilan Ardon
 / Nov 2005
I started using phpbb about three years ago on my forum www.entermyworld.com/forum and it did its job just fine. But as the forum grew more options were needed and vBulletin fit that bill. Vbulletin exceeded my expectations. A superb product. The transfer from phpbb was seamless and the support is great/fast!

Thanks vBulletin!
Josh Agho
 / Nov 2005
Helllo, I am writing this to show appreciation for the support vBulletin Offers. I am used to purchasing software and having to wait days for email response to my problem. vBulletin was able to help me with my issues in a very timely manner. If you are thinking about purchasing a Forum software and are not an expert webmaster, then vBulletin is just for you. 2 thumbs up !!!!
Art Smith
 / Nov 2005
Thank you so very much for your professional and lightning fast help with my forum problem.

Everyone promises service like you provide, but very few deliver. I could not be happier with your software or your service after the sale.

Joe Pax
 / Oct 2005
This is a thank you letter to

Martin Erwin

I would like to publicly thank Martin for taking on a huge task for me personally. I contacted vBulletin with a trouble ticket on a problem that I was having and I was assigned to Martin.

Well to make a long story short I was given professional quick attention and my problem was resolved very quickly.

If you are a new customer looking for a product that has 100% customer care and satisfaction vBulletin is the best product on the market. Not only is the staff friendly but very knowledgeable on other server setup and working systems.
Julio Maysonet
 / Oct 2005
Ever since i saw vBulletin i said to myself that i had to buy it. What blew me away was the blue color of the default theme. When I saw the way the post look at 100% then at 760px and the threads with the name of the members on top of every post I said to myself that i had to buy it. :) I am glad I did I am having so much fun with it. I didn't pay my cable bill just to buy vBulletin. I went with the OWN LICENSE. :D
Chris Poland
 / Oct 2005
I just have to say how wonderful the Template History and Template Compare features in 3.5's style manager are. They make life much easier.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Theo Wisch
 / Oct 2005
vBulletin completely owns anything I've ever used in my life in terms of php forum software.

If vBulletin were a woman, I would marry her and have thousands of children with her while on our own private island, and I'd never share her with anyone else, and I'd always buy her things to make her more wonderful. Hot damn.

GG Jelsoft, good game indeed.
Masiello Antonio
 / Oct 2005
Only two words.
vBulletin 3.5.0 is simple fantastic!
Great works made by vBulletin Team for the best Board in absolute in the world.
Trust me, if you need professional forum, use Vbulletin, best support, best new Tecnology, best people, Elite is here!
Jason Lavorin
 / Oct 2005
I would like to say that the money I invested into obtaining a owned vBulletin license for the vB software was well worth it! At one time I was using one of the "free" forum softwares out their and thought it was nice until I wanted to make changes to the forum and etc. The features were no where near the quality of vB's features. When I first bought vB and installed it I knew that my investment was well worth it. Although at first I was in awe when I saw all the features and settings in the Admin control panel. Talk about a forum that has all the bells and whistles! Now that I know about most of the features and settings I'm so glad they are there for me to use at any time. vBulletin is a "Professional" forum software and in my opinion is the "King" of all forum software available, plain and simple!

After my web host moved me to a different server I did experience a problem in the Admin control panel. For some reason it logged me out like after one minute and kept doing this. I knew this "wasn't" a vB problem, but rather a server problem. My vB forum worked perfectly on the other server I was on and it worked perfect on the new server as well except for the Admin control panel so that's how I knew it wasn't a vB problem. But, my web host pretty much insisted it was a vB problem even though I told them several times that my forum worked perfect on the other server and not this new server. They looked into the problem, but still pretty much insisted it was a vB problem and that I contact vB support about it to see if vB has heard of this problem or to see if it might be a vB problem. So, I opened a ticket at vBulletin and Steve Machol "Customer Support Manager" replied. He also knew that it must have been a server problem since it all worked fine before the server move and now had this problem on the new server. He recommended some suggestions that I should tell my web host about which I did and was very helpful. Steve even asked other vB team members about my problem looking for some help from them in order to help me. I gave Steve FTP access to my server and the he and the vB Dev team found the problem! It was that the MySQL server kept restarting like every 5 minutes and was messing with the vB tables and that's why my Admin control panel kept logging me out. I told my web host about it and they made some hanges to MySQL and now my forum works perfect! Talk about support service, Steve and other vB team members bent over back wards and went beyond the extra mile to help me! They could have easily said that my web host was the problem and ended the support the and closed the ticket, but they didn't! The support team is very helpful, friendly and caring! This is the type of support service you get when you deal with Professionals! I thank you Steve, and everyone at vB that helped me! I'm so glad to be one of your customers and plan to be for life! Keep up the great work vBulletin!
James Tang
 / Oct 2005
Where do I start? After 2 years with another forum software, I decided to give vBulletin a try. I was undecided between vB and another software, but the proven reliability of vB in the real world sold me. I have seen with my own eyes other large forums, with thousand of simultaneous users online and multi-milion posts. There's no forum to large, or too small, for vB. Being new to using a software is always a learning experience, but the support staff were there to guide me through the process with ease. The provided importing tool made the conversion to vB and breeze. The great online forum helped me through a lot of troubles. After nearly 10 months with vB, my site has more than triple the user count. I'm now a big fan of vB, and frequent the support forum to help out others getting started with this great software. Keep up the good work.

[email protected]
Jack Polgar
 / Oct 2005
vBulletin is the most easiest forum software I have installed numerous amount of times and managed a vBulletin powered forums for a while now, With its great new AJAX features, It makes it so much easier to Reply, Edit, Delete and Move posts from the forum, It also has a great powerful style manager, Create, Edit & Delete new Styles & Templates, It also enabled you to have different Languages & Styles.
Doug Meredith
 / Oct 2005
I just had our board upgraded by Martin Erwin of the vB team. He went above and beyond the call of duty, with some SERIOUS problems on our board, but he stuck with it for more than SEVEN hours till 2 AM eastern time. Quick emails, and fantastic service. Anyone that is gonna upgrade their board, and isn't 100% sure of what to do, I HIGHLY reccomend the guys from vB. Thanks a Million Martin!!!!!!!

Daniel Nikzad
 / Oct 2005
I've been struggling to find a forum that let me take control of my board. With all the new advancements I saw in 3.5.0, and after trying out the administration demo, along with seeing how customizable it was, I knew I wanted this board. Thanks vBulletin!
Adam Nutburn
 / Oct 2005
I Have got 2 Vbulletin Licences which I go with a friend, who also runs a forum, I find the Forum software very very good, comprehensive software and fairly easy to use, also the support you get on the Vbulletin forum is also great, every time I had a problem either installing or upgrading the software (which was either my fault or something to do with the hosting company!) the Vbulletin always provided great advice which helped me fix the problem everytime and when I upgraded my software to 3.0.5 I had some problems with that, and one of the Vbulletin team went on to my server and sorted it for me, so if you are thinking of getting VB for your site, I would go for it! (the only thing you will have to put up with is the members!)

Adam Nutburn
Lia verou
 / Oct 2005
vBulletin is the best forum software I've seen -and I've seen a lot. It also has the best support - especially Zachery is awsome at helping us out!
 / Oct 2005
I came here to Vbulletin from Invision power board and like any changes you make, you have tendencies to question your decision. I did and let me say that since my forum conversion, I have recieved support and service that are second to none not to mention that my forum is operating at greater speed and functionality like never before.

Thanks Vbulletin team.
Joanne Driscoll
 / Oct 2005
Just upgraded to version 3.5 and it was so easy and smooth! Thank you so much for vBulletin - it is by far the best forum software around.
Stuart Leung
 / Oct 2005
I just wanted to say how great the vbuletin people are (esp Steve Machol and Martin) for their continued dedication to all vbulletin customers. I essentially took up Steve's entire day asking him questions over my forum being down and not once did it seem as if I was annoying him. The support-ticket was about the lenght of the dead sea-scrolls.

I am leaving on vacation in about 3 hours, had to get my site back online before leaving, and they did it. They went above and beyond what they were to do... that's why vbulletin will always be top - a continually improving product (that continues to raise the bar) and consistent, knowledgable, and dedicated people backing that product up.


Joern Staby
 / Oct 2005
vBulletin powers The Mopane Tree, located at http://www.mopane-tree.com . I've considered and investigated many other products, and do not regret for once second having chosen vBulletin. The product is flexible, support is great, and development continues apace.
Masiello Antonio
 / Oct 2005
I used phpBB for a lot of years, from little months I installed a Italian Lotto portal, and when the records of the users are increased all they had problems of navigation, all had become slow, forum, portal, downloads and all section. Well I decided to do a search on the net, Google, MSN and Mkportal forum too and wherever I read that the solution to my problem it was Vbulletin, I decided to buy the leased license for now, and I am able surely that all of the problems of speed and navigation gone away for ever, I using Vbulletin from 30 days and I would not succeed to do more to except for to use it, I would not change it with not any other board to the world even if they paid me. Vbulletin Board and Team Supporter for me are THE BEST IN THE WORLD and Rocks!

Masiello Antonio
Aug 2005

and now add my second, before i Love Vbulletin!
Ahmed Saad
 / Oct 2005
The reason for the success of vBulletin, is that vBulletin provides the best norms for a successful community forum, with best default settings, with super simpility at editing them.
 / Oct 2005
I started to use vBulletin forum script one years ago. I found everything perfect and profesional. Upgrades, hacks, modifications and anothers... This script is perfectly number one. I've now over 21.000 members, lots of posts...

Thank you Jelsoft, Thank you vBulletin.
http://www.bilisimturkiye.com Administrator
Niklas Kring
 / Oct 2005
I have used many forums as a user and when I needed a forum for my own www.Phuket-Info.com website three years ago I choosed vBulletin, as it was my favourite forum software. Over the years vBulletin has improved a lot, and the new v3.5 is awesome. And my users love it too.

Thanks for an excellent product.
J. Digory
 / Sep 2005
My band's website ( www.centeredmusic.com ) is powered by vBulletin, which allows me to keep track of membership, styles, and discussion all with one piece of software. The ability to make dynamic templates that change depending on different circumstances (even or odd posts, logged in, part of a membergroup, etc) means that much can be done without editing the code. The new plug and product management system added to vb 3.5 is outstanding. Now upgrades go smoothly with barely any effort at all involved.

The staff are to the point and friendly, often contributing more than necessary to the community. Zachery and Floris in particular keep the community spirit alive with their sharing. It is actually fun to manage my site, thanks completely to vBulletin.
Mark Sedenquist
 / Sep 2005
The support staff here is truly remarkable. In particular, Steve Machol, Jerry Hutchings and Martin Erwin have gone way beyond the call of duty, numerous times while assisting us in the management of our vBulletin forums.
Tony Dobson
 / Sep 2005
vBulletin has always been the forum of choice for the staff at savedbygrace.org.uk - it is easy for our users to use, very reliable and offers plenty in terms of site integration. Thanks for a great product!

Tony Dobson (admin, savedbygrace.org.uk)
 / Sep 2005
I have owned a vBulletin board for six months and I would like to say how much I appreciate the very high level of support the staff gives.

I have submitted numerous tickets and they all have been responded to within an hour. The vBulletin staff stands far above the rest when it comes to support in an industry that no longer has a sense of true customer service.

In short, these guy exceed expectations!
Karan Goyal
 / Sep 2005
We have tried all other major discussion forum softwares. We are into SEO and therefore our major concern is Search Engine Friendly forums, and the next is server resources. None of the other discussion forum softwares proved to be giving us both of those, but VB is the one which gave us SEO friendly discussion forums, and a peace of mind as far as server resources are concerned.

A decent size forum can easily be maintained on a shared hosting account. :)

We love VB, excellent support.

Karan Goyal,
Centronics Web Systems, India
 / Sep 2005
Cheap, Very Fast, Customizable, Easy to use, great support community... an instant community all at your fingertips!
Tony O'keefe
 / Sep 2005
I have run a gaming and community forum for four years. Prior to vBulletin I used YaBB and phpBB forum software, but decided to take the plunge twelve months ago. The members and users agree 100% this was the best move yet!
The vBulletin forums are easier and better to use, look and feel 'solid', and just work.
We all thank you guys over at Jelsoft for some stirling work.
Daniel Briant
 / Sep 2005
Vbulletin is a good product and has only got better in the time i have been using, its got so good i have ended up owning 3 licences for the product, 1 owned and 2 leased.
They always keep a good flow of updates, thats the thing i like about this type of BB system, it is very quick to fix issues

Mike Storresten
 / Sep 2005
I do not believe there is any forum software that I have not tried at this point. In a fast-paced media and gaming community we are 100% dependant on reliable partners and vendors to ensure a stable environment for both our users, readers and customers. In 2002 I wanted to try a commercial platform for our forumsoftware, needless to say I landed on vBulletin from Jelsoft.

Now --three years later, after being able to thoroughly explore all aspects of the product and the support given by Jelsoft, I have only one thing to say; Thankyou Jelsoft! You guys are amazing. (As is your software)
 / Sep 2005
Simply the BEST program ever for running a site like this!!!! Makes all the others look like crap!!!!

vB rules!!!!!!!
Matt Gast
 / Sep 2005
Jelsoft has definately created an exceptional application. Just when you think it can't get any better, Jelsoft suprises you with an innovative approach to the realm of forum applications. Once you go vB, you'll never go back.
Theodor Wisch
 / Sep 2005
Jelsoft Enterprises has made the ultimate software in creating a foundation for an 'instant community'; just as their slogan states. The design and code is flawless, yet keeps improving every day of every month of every year. I cannot say how impressed I've been with this software, support, add-ons, and all the other benefits after purchasing a copy - simply THRILLED.
Frederick Coleman
 / Sep 2005
vBulletin is the best forum software! Nothing more.
Ben Beever
 / Sep 2005
VBulliten is one of the best forum board I've seen & the Tech Support is brillaint.
Michael Benson
 / Sep 2005
After running a free version of Invision Power Board 1.3 for 12 months i began to feel constrained thus leaving my site lacking in originality against others. I was then lead by member after member to vBulletin which was always proclaimed as the number one choice for serious administrators and developers. Although the price was at first an insigator in my put off i am completely confident that this is money well spent allowing me to take seamless control of this advanced and intreguing forum software which has led me to turn my humble community forum into an extravagent, bells and chime forums ensuring it is completely unique and original to anyone else using the software. Its customizability is what makes the forum software number one.
Konstantin Michenko
 / Sep 2005
vB changed my life.

Actually yes it did. Before vB, I used to use UBB, and after I switched I have never looked back. Having experience using phpBB, IPB, UBB, and others, I can only say that vB is by far the best I've used.
! InCrEdibLe !
 / Sep 2005
vBulletin is the best script I have ever seen...
George Konstantinidis
 / Sep 2005
One the best, fast and reliable supports ever!
KCi aka Rhyze
 / Sep 2005
vBulletin is like the Rolls Royce of the Boards, there is not one program (even free) that can replace it, support and community is just super unlike any other out there. My members at Xbox Users Group (www.xboxusersgroup.com) love it even more due the flexibility, hacks and add-ons that are available.
With vBulletin you know you do your site a favor!!

Rhyze from XUG.
 / Sep 2005
We have a fairly large forum around 50+ members online all the time and at peak hours its around 100+ we were on phpbb and had constant problems with server load so instead of investing in a dedicated server we kept the current server and invested in an owned license of vBbulletin, its been lovely ever since. Server load down by 80 percent, bandwidth down by 100 percent and functionality up by 1000 percent :) Dont think we will be looking back from vB.
Jeramy Webb
 / Sep 2005
I love vBulletin. The support, product, and community couldn't be any better. They make my site so much easier to administrate than any other product. Before I purchased vBulletin, my forum was completely inactive. Now, it flourishes (well as much as a small forum can flourish :D ) Thanks for the awesome product.
Peter Mays
 / Sep 2005
Very good stuff. I've tried SMF, phpBB2 *quiver* and even had a teaser at IPB. vBulletin is a great oppurtunity to create your own website community. With All the features, you can't go wrong. When downloading, you can download any vB version from Version 2 onwards. Thanks for vBulletin!
Andrew Burdick
 / Sep 2005
A+ Customer Service you guys are great!
 / Sep 2005
I simply say that vBulletin is the best.. The support here is great, as well as knowing that the team behind this forum cares about security. Having ran <a competitor> for a couple years before I made the switch, I was always turned down for support at <the competitor's> forum. Not with vBulletin. Support is simply amazing. Thanks Jelsoft. I will never use another forum software type again.
Bryan Nutt
 / Sep 2005
When I first saw vbulliten, the first thing that came to mined was that 'wow, this thing is way overprised', that was because I had only used php, and runboard, and I thought they were the same thing, but they are not.
Now, I know that I have not a lisense my self, nor am I over the age of 18, but I have tried out the demo, THIS BULLITEN BOARD IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! how ever I am going to be running one for my school, they asked me to because I happen to know a lot about message-board administration because my dad rights sites, and makes software.
And best of all, the demo is only 3.0.7, the new one is 3.0.9, so it gets even better (please note, that by the time you read this, that nember is going to be out of date. right now I am going to get a demo, and this will be the 20th demo so far, and I am always surprised. And you are getting this form some 13 year old who has no clue what the hell he is talking about, WRONG. Like i said, my dad programes this stuff, even he will have to admit that this is better than any message board he has ever seen. I am am member of a vbulliten site that is the best site I have ever seen.

Luke Davies
 / Sep 2005
Ever sinced i dreamed about owning vBulletin software I had high expectations, and when that day finally came when I bought my owned license, I was not disappointed.

Thanks again Jelsoft!
Bill Holder
 / Sep 2005
Vbulletin, not only makes a reference to all that I like to store and come back to, its great for meeting new people and sharing information. Not only does those things, its great for boosting traffic to your site. Thank You Vbulletin, for making the internet a great place.
Joseph Mostarda
 / Sep 2005
I recently switched from Invision Power Board to vBulletin, and I'm so glad I did! vB has the most features of any BBS I've ever used, and the support was quick and very helpful. I highly recommend vB for anyone looking for a quality BBS solution.
Simon Trendell
 / Sep 2005
You can't go wrong with vB..
I've never spent more than a couple of hours waiting for either a reply to a bug or support ticket.. Even at stupid hours.

If you have the money and want a quality product, use vB not IPB.
And with the Plugin system. It became a breeze to use and upgrade.

Cheers Jelsoft
G. Golding
 / Aug 2005
I moved my community to vBulletin from a hosted solution a year ago and I can’t express enough how delighted I’ve been. There are many people like myself who have always steered clear of using software that seems to require a level of technical expertise as opposed to some of the hosted solutions out there. How wrong I was. I’ve found that vBulletin is as straightforward or complex as people wish to make it but it’s very easy to set up and run. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning as I go knowing that the support available is excellent should anything go wrong.

I totally recommend vBulletin to anyone who wishes to run a forum no matter what size of community is involved. The features are outstanding and I’ve been 100% impressed with the way that security is taken so seriously. Over the past year my community has grown significantly as a result of the move to vBulletin Having now moved to the best - I’m not moving anywhere else!
 / Aug 2005
Overall, I would say Jelsoft is superb in customer service and highly professional.
I'm a happy customer and will continue to use their services in the future.

 / Aug 2005
I have installed vBulletin for more than 20 websites of my clients. I had previously used phpBB and Invision. Its amazing to see the difference between vBulletin and any other forum programming.
I really recomanded it to any one who wishes to have a good forums.

Muatasim Alghilani
Aug 2005
Bara Kathawa
 / Aug 2005
The first board I had ever used as a member was vBulletin, and right off the bat, I fell in love with it. To this day I have yet to find a single PHP-based product that comes to the level of functionality that vBulletin has (bulletin board scripts or otherwise).

Since buying vBulletin, I have never looked back, and still see it as being my most important purchase for my website. Thanks to Jelsoft and their excellent support staff, I was also able to get help extremely fast and easy.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to start a community.
SZ Creations
 / Aug 2005
As semi new user of Vbulletin. I have come to realise. How affective it is to use in any website. Whether it be for a business or a simple personal space for you. Not only do you get tons of features you don't get with the other softwares. But the response to your own problems, are so fast . that In my opinion! Nothing can top it. Sure I have use others like ipb,phpbb, and so on. But nothing compares, To vbulletin Just plain and simple.
 / Aug 2005
I wanted to let others know that my experience with VBulletin has been exceptionally wonderful. Keep up the good work.... Love the service. Technical Support is the Best.
Dominik Hahn
 / Aug 2005
I purchased vBulletin after testing many free and open-source solutions and I found vBulletin to be the best.. Nothing beats the uber-fast support.

I can say that my community at www.pagodentreff.de wouldn't be what it is now without vBulletin.
Brent Wilson
 / Aug 2005
I purchased vBulletin in March of 2004 and have never looked back since! The control you have over your forum layout and your users is amazing.

The most professional forum software out there in my opinion.

Running solid on http://www.mustangevolution.com!

Thanks vBulletin!
Dana Costello
 / Aug 2005
Thanks for the quick responses, Vbulletin!
Justin Wallace
 / Aug 2005
I have nothing but great things to say about vBulletin and its staff.

vBulletin is heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Of course all of the features are wonderful, but I particularly appreciate the attention they put into detail with the software. In my opinion, the pricetag is certainly reasonable, and you should look at the Administration demo to take a look at it for yourselves, behind-the-scenes.

And the staff has been nothing but helpful. Response times have been amazingly quick, within 20 minutes 90% of the time. Not to mention that they are incredibly knowledgeable in their field, knowing HTML, PHP, Javascript, XML and more.

I bought vBulletin simply for using it with my friends and family. And over time, I hope they come to see the value of vBulletin as I see it.
Andrew Blanning
 / Aug 2005
vBulletin is a solid product. The software comes default balanced with a feature-enriched user end and an extremely powerful administration end allowing you to control all aspects of your forum.

I also feel that the support provided here is unmatched in the forum industry today. I will never use another forum software for a serious project again.
Francesca Vassallo
 / Aug 2005
I have been using VBulletin for about 3 years now and I have always been very satisfied with the product and the customer service. I am not an expert in any ways when it comes to MySQL and PHP languages, but the VBulletin support service is so GREAT and friendly that even I could run a VBulletin messageboard!

Thank you so much for all your help: a small price for a fantastic messageboard software that includes great customer support. I could not have asked for anything better than this.

Francesca Vassallo
Webmaster Shania Twain North American Online Fan Club
 / Aug 2005
I use to love IPB trial, but my friend recommend me to use Vbulletin. Once he install it for me, it wasn't hard to understand how to use the Admin Control Panal. Also Vbulletin crew has the answer when something is wrong with your board. I recommend people that doesn't have this to purchase one. Click on Admin Demo and try it out. You will love it, just like me and every customer that has a vbulletin.
John E.
 / Aug 2005
At Shinra Online - we have been using vbulletin since late 2000 and my experiences with the software and the staff have been nothing less than exceptional.

The software is exceptional and I feel that vbulletin has set the benchmark by which others compare themselves but as good as the software is - its the vbulletin staff and community that makes the real difference.

I wish every company I dealt with both online and in real life were as friendly, helpful and responsive as vBulletin.
 / Aug 2005
We have been using numerous forum software tools in past, before we actually selected Vbulletin.
Problem with other scripts was lack of support for modifications, unmanaged modifications etc.

Later we decided to switch on 2 vbulletin for our first forums: http://forums.techarena.in
Vbulletin really worked a charm, later decided to build another forum: http://www.officehelp.in

Still on a plan to start another 6 large forums using vbulletin in recent future.

Great Product, worth the price.
Greg Russell
 / Aug 2005
I've been a member, moderator and administrator of a vBulletin powered website for over three years. I've used a number of forum scripts and vBulletin is clearly the most powerful option available, with an excellent support team and mod community backing them. I'm very pleased with vBulletin and I know I'll be using their product for a long time to come. I honestly can't envision myself switching to any competitor, free or not.
Jonathan Yates
 / Aug 2005
I think vbulletin is very good and I have admit that vbulletin is the best forum in the world. So keep up that hard work. Support was very good too.

Mike Walczak
 / Aug 2005
I have used vbulletin for two companies of mine. I had previously used phpBB and Invision. Its amazing how such a powerful program can be made to simple to use. Anyone can get a forum up and running within an hour! Our Vbulletin has been one of the best things that my company could have ever invested in.
Layer2 Hosting...www.layer2hosting.com
Tanner Serifler
 / Aug 2005
vBulletin is the most technically advanced web software I have ever worked with. It is lightning fast and easy to use, but still fully configurable in any way you want it.
John J. Malinowski, III
 / Aug 2005
Excellent! After running several forums, for several years, using several competitor licenses, I have made the switch to vBulletin. All I can say is that everythings excellent, and I put emphasis on the support. Before, using the other BB system, the quickest support response I ever received took 22 hours, even with those tickets with urgent priority. My latest vBulletin support ticket was answered in 7 minutes, the fastest support I have ever seen. It is absolutely great, as I commonly do something wrong to my board, and vBulletin is hear to help. The vBulletin interface is great as well, and makes me proud to have my board powered by vB. I absolutely love the feature list, and 3.5 promises even more. All I can say, is if your with another bulletin board company, switch now!
Austin Anderson
 / Aug 2005
Plain and simple, vBulletin is the best web forum there is. It's sleek and easy to use. With the easy-to-use interface provided, everything is a click away from perfection.

For the longest time, I used phpBB. Now that I use vBulletin, I'll never go back. I'd recommend this software to everyone.
Eran Badit
 / Aug 2005
I'm representing the hardware/software portal NGOHQ.com. Our site is focused on delivering the best in both software and hardware reviews and support to our numerous members. After long examinations of all the forums software, we have found vBulletin as the most professional, updated, effective and advanced forum system. The vBulletin support team is always available and they are always improving it. No wonder why the big corporations and websites have chosen vB!
Archie Richardson
 / Aug 2005
Martin Erwin

Awesome customer service. I am extremely grateful.

Samir Darji
 / Aug 2005
I looked into a lot of forum options before choosing vBulletin. The thing that initially caught my eye was that every forum that I liked or that was large was running vB. In my experience with vB for the last year, I've learned why this is the case--the support.

vBulletin has one of the best support systems and support people that I've ever seen in any industry. And my background for the last 20 years is the hospitality industry. In addition to the official support, the additions and hacks community is quite unbelivable as well, with support on free hacks sometimes rivaling paid solutions found elsewhere.

A lot people start out with free solutions for their forum software and quickly learn that you get what you pay for. I'm glad I didn't take that route, and highly encourage anyone that's considering an active forum to start with the leader rather than play catch up.

I've just renewed my license for another year and look forward to another great year of business with Jelsoft.
Travis Livengood
 / Aug 2005
Aside from vBulletin having to be paid for lol, which im glad to have done, it's an excellent forum with great features...gotta love it baby. :)
Thomas Packer
 / Aug 2005
Vbulletin the software itself is brilliant, but what backs the software up is the dedicated support team, when i was having problems with subscriptions on my site Steve Machol worked extremely hard to help me to find a solution to the problem, thanks vbulletin and thanks Steve
Cole Potrocky
 / Aug 2005
vBulletin is not a miracle, but it is the closest forum software to it. The support is seconds fast, and the staff is the friendliest around, the product is extraordinary, allowing even the dumbest person to customize every bit of it, and the support is even better.

I have never thought of buying or changing to one of their competitors, because honestly, I see nothing even close to being as good.
 / Aug 2005
We looked for a new BBS in 2001 when our site outgrew EzBoard. Test drove a few things over a 2 month period and decided on vBulletin 2.0.3. Upgraded through the 3 series over the years, and today, we are running 3.5.

The quality of the software, attention to detail, focus on security and professionalism of the staff have been the leading factors in keeping us here ever since. I can't recommend vBulletin enough.
Ryan Canfield
 / Aug 2005
What can I say about vBulletin? Nothing but good.

They simply are the best. They strive for excellence in all that they do and it really shines through in their product, support, and community.

I decided over a year ago that I wanted to create my own community. Not sure about where to go, I considered many other bulletin board software companies. Then I found vBulletin. The immediate difference for me was their community. It is a very positive, friendly, and helpful place. And this community-oriented attitude starts at the top with the developers and support team. I was immediately hooked and made the purchase.

vBulletin's pricing is a great bargain. There are other companies out there who charge over ten times as much for similar products and STILL DON'T OFFER the quality and support you will find here. vBulletin is priced competitively so that hobbyists and professionals alike can afford to have their own communities.

I would like to give a special thank you to Jake Bunce and Zachery Woods. These guys are a wealth-of-knowledge on wheels. They have both spent their own "personal" time logged into my admin control panel to assist me when I was having problems. And they have also helped me to answer many other technical questions which have nothing to do with vBulletin.

Sorry if I have rambled on too long. This actually is a shortened version. ;)

Just another rave review !!!
A +++
Kathy Kelley
 / Aug 2005
I launched my website on a hosted bulletin board service and after only a few months saw the growth and the value of needing my own server and software.

The only robust software at the time required that we prune messages every 2 weeks while it dragged down the server.

vBulletin in 2000 offered a solution for me. Installed and importing our members on our server, vBulletin has grown in features and ability for customizations right along with the growth of my website.

Now with over 75,000 members, I continue to marvel at the ability for vBulletin to provide everything I need to manage my site. It has become more than a forum. With added customizations made possible because of the database solution and template driven interface, it houses a content management system, a photo gallery, a blog section, and more.

Second to none is the service that vbulletin's staff provides to its members. I have been helped through the ticket system, email and by the devs themselves who crawled through my server to make sure I was set up properly before I had my own sysadmin to handle such things.

My website, HysterSisters.com is celebrating 7 years online with a big thanks to vBulletin. I expect many more years to come....all powered by vBulletin!
Daniel Holland
 / Aug 2005
Good afternoon,

I would like to compliment a member of your Support Team, Martin Erwin, for providing stellar support to us today in assisting one of our programmers in locating and installing an appropriate French-language pack to create a forum for a Canadian government department.

daniel holland
vice president, client development
arnold interactive
1920 yonge street
toronto, ontario m4s 3e4
t 416 480 7994
f 416 487 4668
Masiello Antonio
 / Aug 2005
I used phpBB for a lot of years, from little months I installed a Italian Lotto portal, and when the records of the users are increased all they had problems of navigation, all had become slow, forum, portal, downloads and all section.
Well I decided to do a search on the net, Google, MSN and Mkportal forum too and wherever I read that the solution to my problem it was Vbulletin, I decided to buy the leased license for now, and I am able surely that all of the problems of speed and navigation gone away for ever, I using Vbulletin from 30 days and I would not succeed to do more to except for to use it, I would not change it with not any other board to the world even if they paid me.
Vbulletin Board and Team Supporter for me are THE BEST IN THE WORLD and Rocks!
Kevin Kwak
 / Aug 2005
I was first hesitant to lay down $160 for the software license. After reviewing my project plan, I hopped in and purchased a vBulletin license. And to these day, I am so proud and satisfied with everything that vBulletin has to offer and more! I got more than what I've paid for. Thank you Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
Anthony Broom
 / Jul 2005
I have been using vBulletin since 2001. I have found no better and easier to use community software. Everysite of I have done I always made sure to have my vBulletin installed and ready to roll.
 / Jul 2005
Unbelievable support, and help with installation. I can not recommend the crew at vbulletin enough!
Derek Ivey
 / Jul 2005
vBulletin is definitely worth the money! I use it on my site and it's very easy to skin and comes with lots of features! Thanks for making such a great script Jelsoft!
Python Designs
 / Jul 2005
I work with a large variety of clients who often require a feature packed solution for their online communities. All the time I suggest and use vBulletin and every single time they have been very pleased with the result. Dev Dreams for example (http://www.devdreams.com) has been using vBulletin for quite a while and I am still receiving email from them saying that they are happy with my choice of vBulletin as their discussion board solution!
Christopher Murphy
 / May 2005
I've been using vBulletin for over 4 years now, and started out using UBB. I transferred over immediately after realising the functionality and ease of modifcation compared with UBB on my friend's board, and since then I have sworn by vBulletin. I own two licences and plan to expand that over the coming years into several licences. I always plan sites and ideas with vBulletin in mind, and am already ready to use the vBulletin Engine to power my site and provide community and content to them.
Nicholas J. Murgatroyd
 / May 2005
vBulletin - the web's #1 forum solution. Having tried many other forum software packages, such as phpBB, YaBB and IPB, I can safely say vBulletin beats all of them by miles. Looks great, feels great, great to use. Just... great! Highly recommended!!
Marc Lantos
 / May 2005
I have used a variety of forum software including phpBB, Invision, UBB, etc. Overall, VBulletin 3 has been, by far, the best forum software I have ever used. It's extremely flexible, user friendly, stable, secure, and cost effective. It's simply high quality software at a low price. The amount of features you will find with VBulletin can't be beat by any software to date. I would recommend this forum to anyone, and will be using it for my current and future websites.
Albert Lau
 / Apr 2005
vBulletin software is best in my mind. I used phpbb, invision, smf... Finally i still choose vB3. I like the features they give to me. I like the style of it and the way it handle server. Visitors to my forum Malaysia Forum (http://www.forum.com.my) had increased by 100% at least. It is so stable for me. I don't know what to say. Thank you, Jelsoft.
Paulius Gedrikas
 / Mar 2005
vBulletin is definetly the best forum software out there. vBulletin has many features that webmasters will enjoy, great scalability, flexibility and it's also easy to use and install. When we first purshased vBulletin, we knew that this is going to be the software that we're going to get for all of our future websites. In fact, the world's largest websites use vBulletin as it's fast and has an intuitive user interface (unlike other forum software which have just a white page with two lines of text). vBulletin has earned my greatest level of satisfaction!