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Nathan Wheatley
 / Oct 2004
I used to use phpBB. And Invision Board. And phpBB hacked. All a pain. vBulletin changed that. It's fast, hassle-free and secure. Loaded with features, I was at first overwhelmed, but I found all of them useful. vBulletin is the ideal choice for a community, even a rather small one (http://ca.armada2files.com/vb) and the $160 license is more than worth it!
Y2K Software s.a.s.
 / Sep 2004
We've been looking for a long time for a valid web application which allows us to synchronize company activities. With vBulletin it was not only possible to provide a simple way to share informations between the company staff, but also to store utilities, links and manuals. It allowed us to share some of the informations to the public domain, maintain our customers in private areas with categorized topics, and got well organized, in a relatively short time and with extreme ease.
Kyle Korleski
 / Aug 2004
I have used 3 different forum solutions before vBulletin but vB blew them all away. I want to say thank you vBulletin for making the best forum solution ever! I must also say that kForums (forums.kyletech.us) has never been more popular.
David Tisdall
 / Jul 2004
vBulletin is the best solution for any online community regardless of size. It is fast, secure and most of all highly stable. I am using vBulletin for all the communities I manage and users are still amazed at the features they are finding after migrating from lesser forums. I would suggest vBulletin to anyone seeking an online community and the price is well worth it.
Paul Williams
 / Jun 2004
We used to use another Forum Software. Our members were always complaining about the lack of features that we had. Now, iBinsider.com (http://forums.ibinsider.com) can proudly show that we have a growing memberbase and a brilliant set of stable and secure features for our members to enjoy and use.