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Changing failed login message

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  • Changing failed login message

    Not the most techie guy in the world, so I do apologise if the answer to this is horrendously obvious I have searched the boards and google but can't find an answer

    We have recently added a forum to our website, however one of the big issues we get at the moment is users are complaining very regularly that their main site login does not work on the forum. We have to explain to each one individually that they need to create a separate login to use the forum.

    I added an announcement to each board as well as editing the FAQ page to tell them this, but I suppose people just don't look for the answers like they used to.

    Is there a way of either:

    a) changing the text of the 'failed login' message (I figured that from there I could make it obvious that they need to create a forum ID)

    b) easily adding text to just the forum home page that states they need to register

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Just a quick note - I know how to add text just underneath the navbar, but am flummoxed as to how I should write the if condition to show this on just the forum home page... probably something stupidly simple


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      And just an update to my update, I've found the ridiculously easy way to change the text underneath the navbar on just the forum home (d'oh)

      If there was a way of editing the failed login text though that would still be useful.


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        Got it!

        For future reference if anyone else has this problem:

        From AdminCP, go to languages & phrases --> search in phrases --> search for the text 'strikes' and search for Phrase Variable Name Only.

        You should see it pop up, edit it from there