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    I had a strange occurence today. My most members online at onetime jumped, bigtime. I know my members, and this does not seem right. My old total was 34 on-line, that was at a time whern people would be looking for info. Today, it jumped to 60, at 6am, absolutely no reason for this. I do have a somewhat related hack installed, the "Total members that have visited the forum today:" hack, and funny thing is that shows 12 members today. That I beleive since we are a snowmobile site, and there is just no snow right now, so no reason to check or post trail conditions.

    So something does not seem right, anyone else ever see this?
    Can I reset that # back to the way it was?


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    The total members who were online today == members only
    The who are online right now (or most online ever) == members, guests and bots.


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      I did see quite a few yahoo spiders on teh forum last night, like 8-9. I guess that could have been it


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        Yes, google appears to come alone and doens't increase the count as much as yahoo does, who can come with multiple and for a long time. For example, there are 300 yahoo bots on my site right now.