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running vb_test.php yields blank page

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  • running vb_test.php yields blank page

    Just bought a license, but I thought Id run the pre-purchase test file from the Download page of the vBulletin site before installing the board. From that Download page:
    If you want to check you can run vBulletin on your server before you purchase a license, download this file. This script tests that your MySQL user has the appropriate permissions required and will involve the creation of one table which will be deleted when the test has been completed.
    Rename the file to vb_test.php and upload it to your server and then run the script in your browser, you will be required to enter your MySQL information.
    Im hosting with asmallorange, as I believe many vBulletin users are.

    I uploaded the vb_test.php file to my server, ran it, and got a blank page.

    I uploaded a phpinfo.php file I have to the same area on the server, ran it, and got all my PHP, MySQL stats, etc. It tells me Im running PHP Version 4.4.4 and MySQL 4.1.21.

    From my FTP program, here's where the files are on the server:

    Any ideas on why I get the blank page running vb_test.php?

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    Possibly the file wasn't uploaded correctly. Make sure you're uploading it in ASCII mode.

    Also, you don't actually need to rename the file, what you need to do is unzip the vb_test.php file and upload it. I'll update the text shortly.

    Anyhow, vBulletin runs fine on ASO, so there's no need to actually run the file.
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    Colin Frei

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