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When saving CSS header reverts to old template

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  • When saving CSS header reverts to old template

    I have version 3.0.3 on the live server. But i upgraded to version 3.5.4 today. The problem is still there.

    So what happens? Well, I head into "Main CSS" and edit a single table CSS setting. I save this single table CSS, and sometimes this causes my header-template to revert back to the first / original template file. This is causing me headaches because I often change the header template for different reasons.

    Yet stranger is that it don't seem to always do this. Just sometimes... like every 10 times.

    It is only the header-template that is affected by this.

    //EDIT: for some reason it happened when editing another template (old phpinclude_start) in version 3.5 after the update. it reverted it back to the very first one after the upgrade.
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    Go into the AdminCP > Maintenance > Repair / Optimize Tables > Fix Unique Indexes