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  • Invalid Skype Username

    I have a forum member who wrote to me stating that she tried to enter her Skype user ID in her forum profile and received an error message stating that it was an "invalid Skype name." I was not sure what to tell her as I don't know the first thing about Skype. Is this error message generated by vBulletin itself or by Skype? One thing I noted was that her Skype name has a space in it - not sure if that would have any effect on anything or not - but she says that her ID is correct and she uses it daily with the Skype program/service so she was surprised to get this error message. Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    According to what I could find, it's not possible to use spaces in a skype username. Skype allows you to have a username (login) and a real name, which is displayed. Possibly she's mixing these up.

    In my version of Skype the username is displayed in the top, blue, status bar of the Skype program.
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      It was indeed a Skype user display name versus Skype user ID mix-up. Much thanks!