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Can search engines spider all pages if guests cant view?

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    Originally posted by treasureman
    Well it seems that Vbulletin has it's mind made up about this. All I am asking is for you to take another look at it and not be closed minded about it just because you decided in the past that it was not something you wanted to do.

    Look at this statement you quoted from Google: "Cloaking delivers one version of a page to an Internet user and a different version to a search engine. The cloaked page is packed with keyword and terms that the site wants to be highly rank for so, in essence, they are cheating."

    That is NOT what I want! We are not showing different content, or a page packed with keywords and terms just to rank highly.

    We are showing the SAME content, just that the search engines can get deeper into the site. The content is the SAME. When someone registers they will see the SAME content. The unregistered user will see the SAME content, just that they are limited as to how far into the forum they can get.

    Cloaking is when someone has two different home pages, one for search engines, and one for users. We have the SAME home page for both! It is not misleading when the users register they will be able to read exactly what the search engines read.

    If Google banned you for changing content on a site then when they sent their different spiders out as you described and you had rearranged or made chagnes on your site then you would instantly be banned.

    Again, I HAVE used this feature for years with problems!
    Hey treasureman !
    Since you are desperated to have such taht kind of feature, check out this link :

    But you are on your own ! Good luck !