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    Hi Everyone,

    First: many thanks to all the fine folk at vBulletin. You guys are great and I really appreciate the patient help you have given me and everyone else!

    About my databse:

    I have some threads that I entered by hand. I need to change the usernames on some of the posts, and the dates that run along the thread.

    Is that possible by editing the database? If so, can it be done from the admin interface?

    Many thanks,


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    Yes, using phpMyAdmin, log into your database and edit specific entries in the thread and post tables.


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      Thanks for replying. Can the date and username changes be done with the CP or do I need to use telnet? If so, do you know of any idiot's guide or overview of how to use telnet to do that type of thing? Any reccomended telnet programs? From your post, I'm guessing you've done it. Is it hard to learn? Thanks a lot!!



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        PHPMyAdmin is probably the easiest way to do what you want.

        You can do it via telnet using MySQL queries for your prompts. You can log into telnet by a number of ways. The simplest one is to (assuming you are running Windows) open C:\WINDOWS\TELNET.EXE

        Or, search google for telnet programs. Here's a good link: