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  • IPB 1.3 > vB 3.0.3 Conversion Probs - Attachments and Avatars

    I replied in another thread regarding the attachment problem but I thought perhaps for referencing purposes it might be easier if I just create a separate thread stating my exact problems. I am running a development board on my localhost right now and I am trying to make use of Impex to convert my IPB 1.3 final forum to vB 3.0.3. Anyhow I managed to follow all the instructions and setup Impex such that I could import my IPB database through the admin cp.

    The importer I chose to use was the one called "ipb". Everything seems to be running flawlessly other than two problems that I immediately noticed. My server is located on my local hdd here: D:\Server\EasyPHP\www. When importing users, the path I used therefore for the avatarrs was: D:\Server\EasyPHP\www\nxsports\uploads which is my IPB board. That is the same path I then used for the attachments module as well. Anyhow the users module ran fine but when I search through the members like and for instance view my own profile from the IPB board there is no custom avatar present. I wasn't sure if anything had been added to the custom avatars then so I had a look at the mysql db. The table "customavatars" has entries in it and after having analysed what those entries exactly are I've come to the conclusion that something very strange is happening. All the entries for avatars in that table are off-site avatars that members on my IPB board are using. So they aren't avatars that have been uploaded to the server, but avatars that are being linked to from somewhere else. This is puzzling to me as I thought the whole purpose of importing the avatars would be for the users that have their avatars hosted on the server.

    Anyhow I moved on to all the other modules to check if there were any other probs and everything else seemed to be working fine, except for the attachments module. Again, I used the path: D:\Server\EasyPHP\www\nxsports\uploads when prompted. However, when the module is running all I get is an error that no source is found. The error I get is:

    xx.xx% Imported attachment : xxx.jpg
    Skipping, no source file.
    And this just keeps repeating for all the attachments.

    I'm stumped as to what is causing the problem and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Am I using the wrong path for the avatars and attachments perhaps? Or is it something more sinister?

    I hope to hear from someone soon regarding this issue as I'd like to be able to port my forums over asap so that I can open the new forums to my members asap.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Wolverine