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Malware found on my forum (please help!)

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  • [Forum] Malware found on my forum (please help!)


    Yesterday I found that there is malware on my forum (click here to view my forum). Google Webmaster Tools send my a e-mail about it.

    They say that there is a redirect on my forum to another website. When I Googled my own forum and click on it, I also found out that the first time I clicked I got redirected to another website.

    I already checked if there is some weird code on my pages or something weird in the .htaccess but I couldn't found anything unusual.

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

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    We had the same problem. I uninstalled and completely deleted VBSEO (deactivating wasn't enough). I thought that had fixed it, but apparently some people are still getting Google redirect issues even though I can no longer replicate it.

    I did have to re-upload a clean version of vbseo.php to get the URL redirects to work again.
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