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VB 4.2.1 issue with IE10 - not ckeditor related

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  • [Forum] VB 4.2.1 issue with IE10 - not ckeditor related

    I have received complaints that people are having problems with the thread page navigator. Pretty weird:

    "Some threads, which by the post count should have 1 post in the last page,
    when I click upon the last page link (either by 'last' or by the # which is the last page number)
    I end up on the first page of the thread. Unable to get to the last page.

    I cleared my browser cache and it was repeatable.

    But then people were kind enough to make more posts to the threads and suddenly I was able to read the last page."

    Mutiple users have reported this issue with IE10

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    I do not think this is related to IE10.


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      If so, where to look for the problem?


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        Any more comments? Users encounter the issues only with IE10. In some cases, the problems go away once they switch to compatibility mode.

        Also, the forum ( VB 5.0.3) is buggy with Opera. I cannot even submit a reply. This means a lot of people with BlackBerries gonna have a hard time with this VB5, and there is no way I will move to this VB5. So please fix all the bugs with VB 4.2 first


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          A long shot: I have seen this behaviour when it was time to "Rebuild Thread Information" but then it seems to happen to all browsers.

          Also, I agree VB5 is buggy. I notice it every time I visit these forums


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            Have you tried disabling modifications?

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              This issue is still popping up with some threads, only in IE10.


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                Is the account on IE10, different than your other accounts?
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                  This is indeed an issue with vB4 and previous versions and it affects Safari and IE.

                  See the thread at for the solution, especially

                  See also
                  Psychlinks Psychology Self-Help & Mental Health Support Forum
                  Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Support Forum
                  Local Search Forum


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                    Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                    Is the account on IE10, different than your other accounts?
                    Yes correct. Only users on IE 10 experience this issue. Thanks Djbaxer, I will take a look at the links!


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                      I read through Djbaxter's posting, so apparently the canonical URL could be the issue that somehow the wrong page is called up?


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                        I was able to finally replicate the issue on IE10. The correct URL was displayed but IE10 will not load the URL displayed, unless you highlight it and enter it again ( not even the reload button will work) The solution is to use either "basic" or "Advanced Friendly" URLs. Somewhere in the IE10 it probably cannot read "Friendly URL" properly.