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VB 4.2.1 issue with IE10 - not ckeditor related

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  • [Forum] VB 4.2.1 issue with IE10 - not ckeditor related

    I have received complaints that people are having problems with the thread page navigator. Pretty weird:

    "Some threads, which by the post count should have 1 post in the last page,
    when I click upon the last page link (either by 'last' or by the # which is the last page number)
    I end up on the first page of the thread. Unable to get to the last page.

    I cleared my browser cache and it was repeatable.

    But then people were kind enough to make more posts to the threads and suddenly I was able to read the last page."

    Mutiple users have reported this issue with IE10

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    I do not think this is related to IE10.


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      If so, where to look for the problem?


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        Any more comments? Users encounter the issues only with IE10. In some cases, the problems go away once they switch to compatibility mode.

        Also, the forum ( VB 5.0.3) is buggy with Opera. I cannot even submit a reply. This means a lot of people with BlackBerries gonna have a hard time with this VB5, and there is no way I will move to this VB5. So please fix all the bugs with VB 4.2 first


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          A long shot: I have seen this behaviour when it was time to "Rebuild Thread Information" but then it seems to happen to all browsers.

          Also, I agree VB5 is buggy. I notice it every time I visit these forums


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            Have you tried disabling modifications?



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              This issue is still popping up with some threads, only in IE10.


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                Is the account on IE10, different than your other accounts?


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                  This is indeed an issue with vB4 and previous versions and it affects Safari and IE.

                  See the thread at for the solution, especially

                  See also
                  Psychlinks Mental Health Support Forum
                  Tourette Canada Support Forum
                  Local Search Forum


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                    Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                    Is the account on IE10, different than your other accounts?
                    Yes correct. Only users on IE 10 experience this issue. Thanks Djbaxer, I will take a look at the links!


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                      I read through Djbaxter's posting, so apparently the canonical URL could be the issue that somehow the wrong page is called up?


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                        I was able to finally replicate the issue on IE10. The correct URL was displayed but IE10 will not load the URL displayed, unless you highlight it and enter it again ( not even the reload button will work) The solution is to use either "basic" or "Advanced Friendly" URLs. Somewhere in the IE10 it probably cannot read "Friendly URL" properly.