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how to wrap text around an image

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  • [Blog] how to wrap text around an image

    I'm trying to get text to wrap around an image ... a fairly easy task I would have thought.

    I'm using 4.02 PL 4.

    I tried in the advanced editing mode clicking on the alignment tool but nothing much happens.

    I've seen references to a custom BB code you can use, but that image is no longer accessible on this forum ( or, I am blocked access to it ).

    I have to add the image as an attachment too in the advanced mode.

    If I the Image icon at top to add an image:

    If I try to insert inline, and use a URL, it complains that it can't write the temp file if i tick the save local option, and does nothing if I leave it unchecked.

    If I use "from computer" tab, it says select files but does not bring up a requester to select a file.

    blog here