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    I have a user on the forum who I have created a sub-forum for, which is only viewable by himself and admin/mods as the information he is placing there is useful to these groups.

    OK the problem I have come across is that he needs to be able to edit his threads and or delete them. So he is set as a user in primary groups and a mod in secondary, I then set him as a mod for his forum and edited the mod usergroup to be able to delete own threads and posts. However when I look at his forum View Permissions it seems that he can now delete his own threads from any forum, which is not the access I wanted to grant.

    How can I grant a specific user permission to delete threads in a single forum, without giving the same rights elsewhere?

    v 3.8.1
    No additions/hacks

    Thanks in advance...

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    The Moderator usergroup actually does not control Moderator Permissions. It would apply the permissions to the users of that group to every forum. It is simply a "collection" usergroup because customers wanted a "Moderator" usergroup in the past. I actually find it confusing myself.

    To control Moderator Permissions, you need to go to Forums & Moderators -> Show All Moderators and edit their permissions there. If they are assigned to a single forum the permissions will only apply to that forum and you can remove them from the Moderator usergroup.
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      Thanks for getting back to me, I looked where you suggested, and as for as I can see I set all that should be needed...

      But as you can see from the following, he does not have the permissions for that forum.

      I don't see where I am getting this wrong.