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How do you advertise a gaming site?

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  • How do you advertise a gaming site?

    It focuses on online gaming and it's respective cheats and hacks. Having difficulty getting user population up so asking for advice pertaining this. Thanks.

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    Participate in other game communities and use your site in your signature.
    Or purchase ad space on their sites.


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      No way. I tried this before. It will only incur the wrath of the staff there and will get me banned. >.<


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        Unless you have some exclusive content that can't be easily stolen (i.e. watermarked images) you're going to have a tough time getting your community busy without going out and spreading the word yourself.

        Unfortunately there are thousands of gaming communities on the internet and you're a small fish in what seems like an endless ocean.

        If you do post a lot on other forums consider placing a small watermark of your sites url in the corners of screenshots etc. and from that there's going to be people who will visit just out of curiosity.

        To be honest though, getting people to look at your site is the easy part. Getting people to register and visit/post regularly is by far the hardest thing to do.


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          Originally posted by Sn2 View Post
          Unfortunately there are thousands of gaming communities on the internet and you're a small fish in what seems like an endless ocean.
          I totally agree, not a good idea really to try and start a gaming site with all the others already out there. Plus, most game developers these days, have their own official sites online. So you just can't expect to compete.

          If I was into playing different games online, I'd be looking for the games own communities first to use. Pretty much the same way vBulletin users, use this sites first before any other vBulletin sites out there.

          And for the most part, the only reason why some gaming forums like "Jolt" and "GameOn" are so successful, is because they run their own online gaming servers, to play those games covered on their forums, on their servers. This is what your up against.

          Have you not thought maybe about running a game "Clan Site" for online playing. Create a clan for people to join via the forums. To play as a team in different online games you cover. I think something like that would be much better, than just expecting people to join to talk about games in general.
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            I have to agree on the game server/clan site point. On one of my car related forums a few of us set up a counter strike source server for something to do when we were bored. We made sure we got the fastest server possible to try to attract other players to it but didn't realise how many of them would actually visit our site and register (it started to be more CS:S players joining than our actual target members) so we moved it onto its own forum.

            If there are a few people running the site and not just one it might be worth you all chipping in to get a server or two going. If you get the best you can and manage to fill it up (don't go for a 48 slot or anything, stick to 20 for a start) it's all good from there.