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My hands go numb sporadically throughout the day

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  • Way Off-Topic My hands go numb sporadically throughout the day

    It all started when my employer decided to move us to 12 hour shifts. I work at a plant that packages wooden pellet fuel. As the bag is coming down the conveyor I squeeze the air out of the bags and stack 50 bags on a pallet. I do this for 12 hours.

    When I come home my hands are fine but during the night and up to 2-3 days of rest my hands still go numb sporadically several times a day.

    I want to know why. Is it because I'm working a muscle that puts pressure on a vein that sends blood to my hand?

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    Um, see a doctor.


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      Is the numbness in you whole hand or just your fingers? Sometimes a nerve slips out of the "v" cup that is around the elbow and causes numbness in either the left two fingers or right two fingers depending on which nerve it is.

      You may just have a pinched nerve that effects your hand as well that gets inflammed due to the motion of the work you do. To be sure, go to your local doctor and he will do a nerve response test that can determine where the nerve is "pinched" if it is.

      I had numbness in my left two fingers of my left hand and the reason was because I slept on my left side with my left elbow bent under me, causing the nerve to become irritated over time. I switched the position I sleep and the numbness went away.


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        Sounds like the start of a repetitive stress injury. You should see a doctor.
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          Thanks for the replies. I'll make an appointment with the doctor soon.


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            I am in no way a doctor so take this information as you will..

            Every so often my right hand will go numb. But only half of the hand, If you draw a line in your palm from the space between your index finger and middle finger down to the outside bottom of the hand. I also drop things without notice.

            But I will also have a popping feeling in my wrist that will shoot pain in my hands.
            I do have a diagnosis from my doctor.

            Numbness in my hand. I have "Tennis elbow" and "Golfer swing" with nerve damage in my right elbow. This is basically tendinitis on both sides of the elbow. With the pain and popping in my wrist. Slight carpletunnel.