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How to Promote your Forums ?

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  • How to Promote your Forums ?

    Hey People !! I want to Ask, Whats the Best way to Promote your Forums ? Example:- In Last 15 Days, i only got 20 members, and only 5 are Active, i really need to make my forums very Popular and get members in 1000s :P like other boards. Got any Tips ? I Made So many Advertising Videos, and posted on youtube, spammed many forums so people join, and also Spammed many Gameservers :P, but didnt help

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    this is off-topic.....


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      lol, it says 7.7 vb questions.... ;D


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        Moved to chit chat; 3.7 Question and Troubleshooting forum is for questions and problems related to the software itself, not how to use the software, sorry


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          Spamming is not an effective way to promote your board. It is however an effective way to tick them off. I decided to let it be and see what happens with mine but you could always pay for real advertising or find a reputable company and buy traffic.


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            A lot of forum sites will let you put a small link to your own site in your signature. This is a good way of being subtle and getting your site known.

            Whatever you do, don't spam other sites. It's unprofessional, will likely get you banned from the site, and will ultimately do more harm to your own site's reputation.

            Contact other sites and ask about advertising there for a small fee, or a link exchange. Set yourself a marketing budget and see where it gets you.

            Content is king. Some startup forums create "fake" members and start conversations between them to get things going. I'm not sure of the merit of some of these pay-for-posting services though. Never tried them.

            Avoid services that offer to send you 10,000 hits to your site. Most of it is bot traffic in my experience.

            Good luck.
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              I have my site listed on some top sites. you could alway find a topsite that fits your board.


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                I have a list of 900 free directories that I am submitting my site to but there might be a few paid one's. I just bypass those directories.
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                  :O, hmm i think i will also contact some sites, and ask the admin to Affiliate....hmmmm

                  ty ppl :P


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                    I made about 10 accounts, made them very-good-seo'ed websites with high searched-daily content, then backlinked to them everywhere, and added them to websites directories... when visitors came, I enhanched them with ads to my forum.