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  • Video sharing script ?

    I'm looking for a video clip gallery for my own use - not really for others to upload their stuff, just for my own video clips. Does anyone have recommendations ?

    Ones I've run across, but don't really know much about (YouTube clones mostly) :

    MovieCMS (not avail for purchase at the moment)
    AlstraSoft Video Share

    and others I didn't bother checking out. Some vendors are simply resellers of the same script/different packaging, so I'm sure support is somewhat limited.

    Any comments/suggestions ??


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    Hmmmm, seeing some very negative comments about Alstrasoft's products on :


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      Try Last time I visited them, the script was cheap. Don't remember how much. I think it is less than $20!! Also, make sure your hosting provider has all the requirements for that script. Contact them if you are not sure. Otherwise, some features will not work


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        ^-- Those guys there have a pretty neat flash video player that I use. If you can convert videos to flv before throwing up to your server, I'd say that's one heck of a good video player.

        It's just a simple player though, it doesn't have the other bloat stuff like comments account etc. so you can do your own thing with it.


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          I'm really looking for a video gallery app, not just a flash player. I'd like to upload videos into categories and have them playable from the gallery.

          Photo galleries like Photopost & vbGallery have very weak (or non-existant) video support.

          MovieCMS is implemented on

          and looks pretty good, but is not for sale at the moment. There's issues of piracy, encoding, reselling, etc.

          Anyone else have ideas ? I see a buncha YouTube clones, but not many reviews. has reviews, but seems to be like stuffing the ballot box, i.e. vendors falsely pumping themselves up.

          Plus many of these scripts seem to be repackaging of the same script ??


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            I use Simple Media they have a userend and admin end demos on there site also.

            I use it here and you can even have it convert uploaded media to flv via a 3rd party addon installed on server.


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              you are gerry banned me !!