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  • Kill Bill : Volume 2 - Web site Launced

    Isn't she worth the 'I do?'.

    The new site is now open and ready for viewing, enjoy

    I love QT's movies and Kill Bill 1 was cool, GREAT anime and good characters again and great story LOTS OF BLOOD TOO haha

    Kill Bill 2 will just be the kick ass ending

    Go watch both

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    hell yea! Kill Bill 1 was awesome, can't wait for part 2!

    MGM out


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      I must see this movie. I mean, look at it! She's in a wedding dress with a katana! That just rules on so many levels! (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -


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        I didn't like the first one.


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          I was thinking about getting the first one on DVD when it is released tomorrow. What a big fan of Tarantino's other films though so a little hesitant. Might wait until it comes out on Pay-per-View in June before seeing the first one.

          Which, means that I most likely will not see the second one in the theater since it is coming out on Friday. Probably won't be there when I see volume 1.
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            I saw 1, and can't wait to see 2.

            I see no reason to purchase the dvd1 soon if there most likely be a box of 1 & 2 together. - if not a new box with all the movies from QT so far.