vBulletin Mobile Suite provides iOS and Android apps for your site

As an increasing number of your site visitors come via mobile devices, it is imperative to give them a great user experience. vBulletin Mobile Suite provides custom iOS and Android apps specifically for your forum.

Optimized Experience

The Mobile Suite apps provide your mobile users with an excellent user experience optimized for their iPhone and Android devices.


Article publishing is provided in the Publishing Suite by the vBulletin 4.2 CMS.


Your mobile apps will be uniquely customized for your forum and appear in the iTunes App Store and Google Play featuring your branding.

Robust Functionality

The Mobile Suite apps bring most of the functionality of your forum to mobile devices, including uploading photos and moderating your forum.

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The Mobile Suite apps cost only USD$199.00 for both the iOS and Android apps.
(Note: Mobile Suite can be used with vB 3.7.5 and higher and vB 4.1.2 and higher, and is also available for vBulletin 5 Connect.)

vBulletin Mobile Suite

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